Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I have no right to judge this...

But you can if you want.

Den and I saw this bumper sticker today as we were driving along.

At first I thought, what an uncharitable person this is!
Then I remembered I don't own a truck.
And I've never owned a truck.
So I'm not entitled to an opinion on this.

AND THEN, I kid you not, less than a minute later we saw THE SAME BUMPER STICKER on another truck.
What's up with this!
Is this a popular bumper sticker that we are just today noticing??
Twice in one minute?
Had you seen it before?


Karen Mortensen said...

I have seen these before. I guess people who have trucks get called on a lot to have them help move people. I think it is sort-of a joke.

Scrapally said...

Yes, I have seen those bumper stickers before...they kinda make me chuckle...just because we know people with trucks always get enlisted to help move! You are really good at taking pictures out your car windows...i'm impressed!

Sue said...

No, but I do know that the kids in our singles ward with trucks get asked almost every weekend to help someone move.

So I can see where the idea for the bumper sticker originates!


Fisher Family Fun said...

It started out as a joke, but unfortunately it changed. When Richard owned a truck, everyone asked him to help them move. Trust me he was completely fine with that, but it does get annoying when you are trying to do family stuff and someone calls to borrow the truck. Not uncharitable, just a feeling of being used. :)

Anonymous said...

I understand. As someone with a truck, we have been asked many many times over the years to help people move. It gets old.

Darlene said...

We have owned two trucks over the years and we were constantly being asked to help move something or other. Dick never refused though. I think he just liked helping people. Now that we no longer own a truck, we miss having one occaisionally when we could have made good use of it. But we don't know anyone that has one now, so we have to pay for our deliveries etc. Oh well, fortunately we don't need one that often.

Don't think we would have ever put that sign on our truck though. said...

I LOVE the license plate frame..."This is the earliest I've ever been late!" Hahah...I need this on my car! :)

kelly said...

I've seen it, and it did make me laugh but it's sad. I wouldn't ask someone for help if they had a sticker like that. We do have a truck and have helped many people many times with it. I guess they are not LDS or looking for service opportunities, but they are the ones missing out!