Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Are these 2 really siblings?

Last night, Dennis interviewed Kylie and Chandler.

Because we were in a noisy restaurant it's difficult to hear at times, but they said the sweetest things, that I just had to post this.
They sure love their Mom.  While Logan has only been their "step Dad" for 5 1/2 years, he apparently passes the test, too.
(I so do not like the word "step-dad!"..."father-figure" is almost as bad)

We couldn't get over how sweet Kylie and Chandler are to each other.
We tried to take Kylie out earlier in the month but she wanted to wait for Chandler to get back from scout camp so they could come together.

To me, she looks like Julia Roberts in this picture.  Do you see it?

It  may not look like it, but the ones below are all candid shots.

Looks like it's time to go home.


Kim said...

They are so cute. I wish we lived closer.

Jill said...

Kim! We all wish you lived closer, too!!

Karen Mortensen said...

I liked what Kim said.

Dad and Susan said...

We've always been impressed by these children that Amy brought into Logan's life. This is just another validation of that conviction. Love, Love, Love the awesome pictures. Love, Dad and Susan

grandmapeg said...

What a fun interview!! Did Dennis come up with the questions ahead of time are just there on the spot? From the side view of Kylie, she looks so much like her mom! Very cute kids!!! I'm sure Amy and Logan are very proud of them.

Jill said...

Since he basically does interviewing for a living, he's a natural. And I agree...Kylie has always looked like Amy to me.

Princess Fluffybuns said...

I loved this post! I just can't get enough of Logan and Amy's kids. They are all so talented, smart, kind, and gorgeous. That Kylie is turning into the most amazing young woman--watch out world!

Jill said...

Fun seeing you here Natalie. I thought about you and almost called. I will soon.

Sue said...

They are quite a pair and obviously have a great relationship.