Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to school for the grandchildren.... And Hailey!

Many thanks to my daughters in law, Amy and Erin,
Here are this years First-day-of-school-pictures taken yesterday.

The babies were sleeping at 7am when they left, so no first day of school pictures for them!

 Elora and Campbell

Hailey starts school in Sacramento today, but since she sleptover Sunday night, I was able to get her picture too!
She's a 1st grader now, and she can already spell "diverticulitis" 
Hailey was showing me where her Uncle Jordan is serving his mission.

Our Utah grandchildren don't start school until Thursday, so watch for those pictures!


Sue said...

Can't believe how cute they all are. You are so blessed, Jill!


Susan Rozier said...

So so precious! Love the tradition. Remember my own pictures and of my own children and now grandchildren and great grandchildren. That's why it's called "tradition." It goes on and on! Love, Susan

grandmapeg said...

Cute pictures of your grandchildren! They are all so cute and handsome! Mine started back to school yesterday and were full of excitement. The four pre-schoolers start in a couple of weeks but they are also caught up in the excitement! I'm not sure how long the excitement will last though :-))

Karen Mortensen said...

Great pictures. All your grandchildren are so cute. I don't mean to be whatever the word is but you know who is my favorite. That girl has my heart.

Kris said...

The kids all look so cute and ready for a new year to begin! This is always such an exciting time of the year!

Lisa said...


Amy Nielson said...

Such beautiful grandchildren you have!! I LOVE Elora's dress. SO cute!!