Monday, August 9, 2010

He makes hard things bearable

It seems I know so many people right now who are going through really hard challenges in one form or another.
I heard a quote recently by Janice Kapp Perry, one of my very favorite song writers and composers:

"I think there are two types of people on this earth.  
Those who have experienced adversity, and those who will."  

She went on to say, 
"I think anything good I have written is sprung from my personal testimony that Jesus Christ lives.  That He is our Savior.  That He loves us, and that he is aware of our personal circumstances and He sends tender mercies continually to guide us in our lives, and to make hard things bearable."  


grandmapeg said...

What a touching story of this young mom and her daughter. I am sure that our Savior will send His tender mercies their way, continually. Thanks for sharing her story.

Susan Rozier said...

Thanks for this post, Jill. I do have a friend struggling right now, and my cards seem of little comfort from my perspective. But this quote from Janice Kapp Perry really resonated with me and I've shared it with her.

I'm sure that young mom will be all right, and that her daughter will be too. Neither may be "equal to the task" at this moment, but they will both grow with the grace of God, line upon line, and tender mercies.

Projecting into the future is not a good idea. In 1973 I was told I had 5 years to live and all my tears about not living to see grandchildren were futile. "Day-at-a-time-it" to see what God has in store is my advice.

Love, Susan

Jill said...

Susan, I'm so thankful the Drs were wrong about you back in 1973. We would have missed out on having you in our family.

Karen Mortensen said...

Wow. What a story. I am sure they will get the tender mercies all along the way.
That baby is so cute.

Sue said...

That's a wonderful quote by Sister Perry. And so true.

I am hoping that this day doesn't bring a particular very hard thing to one of my children. But if it does, I will remember to look for (and tell him to look for) those tender mercies we all rely on so much.


Lisa said...

I think those of us who went to CJane's blog left a comment. Our beloved Bishop from the ward before we moved here married a woman who had 2 arms like Lamps & had a boy & girl with the same condition. The boy had a hole in his heart as well & the girl probably had the worst of that cond. Yet, none of us really noticed the imperfection because they LIVED LIFE FULLY & RADIATED with the countenance of the Savior. Thanks for sharing. It brought back some very tender memories. Both those kids served mission & the girl just got sealed in the Temple!

Jill said...

CJane's blog? Was it on there? I don't read CJane everyday but I do often and I never saw it there.