Friday, July 30, 2010

Family Camp 2010

Téa is still here with us, 
but I wanted to take a break and post some pictures my SIL, Wendy, brought me late last night.  
She was at Family Camp for 3 days doing face painting.  

Austin told Wendy to tell me this is a real beard he had grown since he left last Sunday.
I believed her at first!

 Hailey and McKenzie

Is that Carly's daughter Rivka?  I really can't tell.  
I didn't think she went this year.

The next 5 pictures, I am hoping someone will know who they are.
I don't even have a guess.  
Can anyone tell me?  

Wendy does such beautiful work. Is this Kaidy Kennington?

Jonas (minus Téa), Amy, Austin
It was good seeing this picture being I can't talk to them this cell phone coverage there.
I heard that Jonas is letting no one hold him but his Mom since his twin left to come to our house.  He probably is confused. 

Austin, my brother Richard, and Hailey
Can't wait to see what other pictures people come home with tomorrow.
Wendy took all of these.  And, did ALL the face painting!


Karen Mortensen said...

That Wendy is something else. She is so talented. Those faces look amazing.

I have no idea who those kids are but I will take the first little girl. LOL

grandmapeg said...

Wendy is indeed very talented with face painting!! At first I thought that beard on Austin was real too. Austin is such a handsome young man with or without the beard. I'm sure Jonas would be feeling confused without Téa being there. I think he will be happy to be with his twin again! He seems quite occupied though with that balloon :-) If I just hadn't done the camping thing I would say this all looks fun but my idea of camping now is a hotel.

Nate and Julie said...

I think the second picture is Zion. At least it looks like him, but I thought they didn't go this year as well...

Dad and Susan said...

Carly and the kids went up for one day. Looks like they made the most of it. It really didn't seem like Family Camp was complete without all of them, so it was a real treat when they showed up for breakfast.

Wendy is so amazing. She is a good teacher too. You should have seen Hailey painting pictures and designs on arms of kids. She was so solicitous of exactly where they wanted the design, large or small, preferred colors, etc.

We loved our time there. It was so fun to watch the kids of all ages. It was delightful also to get good visits with grown kids. Who wouldn't love the food? We looked forward to it and now we're basking in memories.

Love, Dad and Susan

the Rich girl said...

I saw the picture of Austin, and was so confused I until I read your post.

I guess we know what Austin will look like if he decides to run off and become a mountain man. All he needs now is a little flannel.

Looks like everyone is having a blast!

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

I've been catching up on your blog and it's so fun to see the goings on at your house. I love seeing all the kids painted up for family camp and I loved the story of Tea's love for the word trash. Richard and Wendy look like they really enjoy Hailey. Hope you're having a good summer!

Logan said...

The first picture is cute little Navaeha Swinney, she is in our ward, the second picture is Zion, the came up for the day. Third picture is a kellogg ( I think her name is Andrea) the fourth picture is Nicole Kellogg and the last picture is Chloe Swinney. We had a good time up at family camp. Thanks so much for watching our little Téa for us :) Jonas sure missed her!!!


Kris said...

Oh wow! Wendy has done faces like I've never seen before! Each one is a real piece of art!

kelly said...

I was just going to tell you who 1 and 5 were but I see Amy beat me to it! The other pic is Kaidy K. AMAZING face painting.

Sue said...

Nice job on the face painting, Wendy!