Saturday, July 31, 2010

Only one disaster

It could have been much worse, obviously.

However, this morning as Téa was climbing up the bed to be changed (I taught her to do this because of my back)....                      
*This picture was taken the day before*
I set down my "green drink"...the same one I have every morning before breakfast... but a few moments later I couldn't find it. 
Where did it go?  I thought for sure I had brought it with me into the playroom.

Then I noticed something suspicious about Téa.  Why did she have a green on her fingers?
(I promise she is not stressed.  This is her natural worried look.)
So I whirled my head all around the room, looking for the cup filled with green.  It was no where.  So then I go into all the rooms we had been in that morning, thinking that perhaps I had set it down elsewhere.  I kept going room to room, and back again.  This made no sense because my eyes are almost always on her, except for literally seconds at a time...maybe when I'm blinking...okay I'm exaggerating but not by much.. 
She had green on her, yet there was no green drink anywhere.

So about now Dennis comes inside and I show him Téa.  We both know the green drink would not hurt her, but the loss of it was just baffling to us.

Finally we go back into the playroom AGAIN, and we both spotted it at the same time.
I had no memory of setting my drink down on the doll high chair.  I forget things like this when I am in a hurry and so focused on other things (Téa)

The wall and high chair cleaned right up, but the carpet is another story.

Some memories I want to remember of our Téa time this week:

So fun having my niece Natalie spending the night with us.

Natalie (Hailey's aunt), and Jason (Hailey's Dad)

I can hear my mother saying,  "Toddlers HAVE to make messes.  They have to."
(Like it was necessary for their health.  She should know, she had 8 of them.)

Téa's happy smiles, the 2nd and 3rd day she was here....not so many the 1st day.
Logan coming by after a 12 hour shift to see his baby girl.
And then coming back later that same day before he left to work, for more kisses.
And then he calls us later from work reminding us to make sure she gets something to eat and drink before she goes to bed.  I love it!


Karen Mortensen said...

Glad all went well. That green drink thing was funny. Glad it was the only bad thing that happened.
I am glad that Natilie and Jason were able to stop by. Natilie is looking so pretty.
Logan is such a good daddy. What a sweetheart to come over and see Tea.

grandmapeg said...

I love all of these pictures! Téa has such a cute smile! I think Téa thought your green drink was actually finger paint :-))) I'm glad your back held out for all of this!

Dad and Susan said...

The Tea saga continues.

Your mom was right--toddlers HAVE to make messes, it's a requirement of their toddlerhood.

What in the world is in the "Green Drink?" Perhaps she didn't like it as so much is on the wall and the carpet.

Loved all the pictures.

Love, Dad and Susan

Jill said...

Susan...I'm sure she didn't like it. btw, yesterday when I was at the theater I found in my purse a few dominoes. Téa obviously put them in there at your house. I'll get them back to you. :)

Jared and Heather said...

Toddlers making messes explains why I have such a hard time keeping my house clean! :-) I loved the part about Logan checking up on Tea (not sure how to make the accent mark over the e). Dads and their daughters are special, aren't they?

Jill said...

I know what you mean Heather. That saying...that goes something like, "Cleaning the house while kids are still growing, is like shoveling snow while it's still snowing" kept going through my mind when Téa was here! :) It also reminded me of why my house was always a mess when my sons were small.

Rebecca said...

Oh no! This is so funny! I love that look on her face, oh so innocent! It is like she is saying "who me?" I hope your carpet comes clean. Try OxyClean. It is amazing!!!

Jill said...

OxyClean, really? I have some of that in a spray bottle that I use on laundry. So far I've been working on that carpet spot with's a little better but not great. So do I just spray the OxyClean on and blot it, or what?

Rebecca said...

No, not the Oxyclean for laundry. There is a special one for carpets. I used it on some carpet stains in my basement and it was amazing.

Sue said...

She is a beautiful little girl, with a name to match. What is that drink, anyway? Wheat grass?

Looks yucky.


Mar~ said...

I keep wondering if you were able to get the green goo out of you carpet?! Did you try the Oxy Clean? Don Aslett has some really good products too. I hope you got it out!