Monday, July 12, 2010

Strange happening in Tyler and Karen's car

At first Karen thought it was a giant moth flying in front of their car.
But when they came out to their car the next morning, they saw it was much sadder than that.
Poor little dead birdie.

But they did all have a swimmingly good time before that.

 While Grandpa stayed in the house and fed little Camers some cantelope.

Later when we took Karen and Tyler out for Mexican food, how fun to learn....
My Dad and his wife Susan, and Nellie had the same idea!

Tyler tells me often that he is not photogenic and I am beginning to believe him.

And to make our day complete on Saturday, Logan stopped by to feed the twins a snack.
I know, I know, I sound like a squeaky Grandma.

Today is Day 16 after the Chicken Pox exposure, and so far, so good.


Rebecca said...

that's funny how they feed them with the same spoon. The germaphobic in me says NO. But guess that is easier with two to feed!

Dad and Susan said...

Wow! Logan really knows how to shovel the food into their mouths, doesn't he?! He's got a magic knack. It actually reminds me of me (Susan) except that I was holding both of the hands so the child didn't touch their mouths and make a mess!!!

We enjoyed all the pictures. It's great to see family togetherness. It looks like everyone is having fun.

Love, Dad and Susan

Karen Mortensen said...

Too bad about the bird. It is better than hitting a rabbit. It bent the front grill of our car.
How cool you saw my mom at the restraunt. She likes going out with them.
I love the twins. Logan has it down to a science.
Glad you are having fun with everyone.

Sue said...

That seems hopeful on the chicken pox front. That is such a miserable thing to nurse toddlers through!

That dead birdie was kinda sad. And way gross.


grandmapeg said...

The bird incident is sad but some of those birds just don't watch where they are flying :-) Tyler looks good in his pictures and can Karen get any cuter!! She is very photogenic!! I loved Elora's facial expression in the pool like she is saying, "enough with the pictures, I'm trying to have fun with Uncle Tyler" and I'm wondering if Cami loves her grandpa or the cantelope more :-) And I think it is an "unwritten rule" that as soon as women become grandmothers, we all get a little 'squeaky' voice :-))) Thanks for sharing!! I love to see pictures of your family!

grandmapeg said...

Oh...I forgot to mention that Logan really does have a knack for feeding Jonas and Téa. He keeps them entertained with music and a continuous flow of food. Good for him! I know you've heard this a lot but I really see those young pictures of Téa! Cute, cute grandchildren!

Scrapally said...

I am in the ranks of the squeaky grandma's and proud of it! you have fun grandchildren and should squeak all you want! Fun pictures too...thanks for sharing!