Thursday, June 1, 2017

The party we didn't attend

I hope I can explain this right. 

Every Memorial day, our neighborhood, for the past 3 years of its 
existence, gets together to celebrate. 

So last Monday evening, there was lots of this:

Den and I thought it was too hot to go outside that day we missed out.

But the next day I looked through our 
neighborhood website to see how it all went. 

I scrolled through picture after picture of families 
appearing to have a great time together.

Picture after picture, and then I came to this family:

I have not met these people and have no idea who they are, only 
that they live in one of the 130 houses of our neighborhood.

I am in awe by them.

I keep looking at these 2 photos.

I've often wondered if special needs babies are born into homes of 
extraordinary people, 
or if these special needs children turn their parents into 
extraordinary people. 

I don't know how it works.
But to care for them, is giving 24/7 non stop service.

I feel a reverence for those who have such challenges in life. 
I find myself wanting to be in their presence 
so that I can learn from them. 

Just after posting this tonight, I went grocery shopping. 
At check out, in line next to me was Bob...a man who knows pretty 
much everyone in our neighborhood. So I asked him about that 
couple at the party on Monday. As soon as I mentioned them, he 
said, "They are wonderful wonderful people." I'm certain they are.

I hope to meet them someday.
Now, if I can only figure out how.  

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Lisa said...

Your love for people is so amazing to me! I recall going to Best Buy with Jasmine & Daniel and the sales clerk was so impressed by how nice we were to Jasmine. I thought that's how people treat their loved ones. But he said, "Oh no...I've seen people be real mean to their handicap family members. Yelling at them, etc." That made me sad. '

I do believe they come to teach us. They're already perfect in Heavenly Father's eyes.