Friday, June 23, 2017

We had an incident yesterday

Day one with our visiting Vancouver, Washington family
Or...what could have been a horrible day.

So I went outside in the morning and all was quiet.
I saw Richie in the background standing on the water fountain.
(his Mom was out there too btw)

I thought, well, there's no water in it, and boys need to climb, 
so I was fine with it.

He liked standing up there, and it made him happy, 
so what's the harm.

Then I asked Tyler if he would bring up the roll up shade for me 
so I could get better pictures.

Just as he was doing this I saw from the corner of my eye Richie, 
fall against the fountain. 

We heard a crash, and the complete top half of the fountain broke 
apart, and jagged broken parts of it fell on Richie. 

The biggest piece of it all slammed to the ground. 

We were all worried that at the very least 
his foot or leg were broken.

But he just had some minor cuts and scrapes that a popsicle cured.

Now this may not look that bad....

But see that large part on the ground?
It is so heavy I cannot even budge it at all.

His little sister Juliet was near by playing. 
It could have fallen on her.

As I thought of that, 
I did not care in the least about our broken fountain.

Just SO SO thankful Juliet and Leo were not in its path.

What could have been a very horrible event, 
turned out fine.

Richie was even soon up for snapping the beans for dinner. 

Now we just need to figure out how 
to get rid of our very heavy broken fountain. 

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Heidi Ballas said...

So glad everyone is okay! Love you all!