Monday, June 19, 2017

An easy meal for 11

There is a family who our church ward has been helping. They are 
of a different religion, but that makes no difference to us. 
We still get to help. 

A Mom and her 10 sons, while her husband is recovering from a 
heart attack he had last January. Progress has been very slow.
Sadly he is still on a trachea and ventilator. 

So last night was my turn again to make their dinner, 
and I had so little time and energy this week, 
so I opted to try something different.

I bought these 3 ready to make kits at Costco, 
which we've never tried. 

Just 30 minutes of prep/cooking time, 
and we were ready to deliver their food. 

A mom and her TEN sons, need lots of food.

Violet was here for a sleepover and in the baking mood.
So we also made them a cake, 
and she made a little one for herself. Of course.

Before we headed out the door to deliver, 
I had Dennis taste the food. 

 I wish I had thought to pull out a plate full for him, 
and not just a taste, because he loved it. 

I keep thinking....TEN sons. 
Ages 1-21. 

SIX more than I have.

PS   I would have loved to have had 10 sons.


grandmapeg said...

I wished we lived closer to you so you could bring that dinner to us.
It all looks delicious! I can't even begin to imagine 10 sons and what the grocery bill is each month. That is awesome that your ward is helping out.

Scrapally said...

Great job! And good choices on the food! We love Sister Kirkland and all her fine foods. :)