Monday, August 24, 2015

Want to try my experiment?

So Saturday was interesting. I have a traumatized tooth but I didn't want to miss my niece's baby
shower. So I took something to keep the pain down so I could go....and Dennis drove us there.
(Our granddaughter Laurynn was staying with us last weekend so I got to have her with me.)

I knew we could only stay a few minutes but I wanted to at least see Nicole (Scott and Kim's
daughter) while she was still pregnant. (she lives in Utah with her husband Nate).
Their little boy is due in 11 weeks.

I have tender spot for my nieces and nephews.

There's Nicole years ago in the black check....
along with her brother Taylor, and cousins Colt and Lauren.

So it gets kind of interesting....because see Nicole's cousin Colt standing above there in red?
Earlier yesterday, hours before Nicole's baby shower, 
Colt and his wife Sami gave birth to their first son, Lincoln.

Colt's wife just so happens to be the sister of Nicole's husband.
(and Colt and Nicole are cousins)
Can you follow that?

So Laurynn and I felt sort of like we were doing a drive by baby shower since we couldn't stay long...
but we were there long enough for Laurynn to win the game!

Good going Laurynn!!

I did snap a few pictures before leaving. 

My nieces Mckenzie, and Lauren (she flew in from Ohio!)
and of course our granddaughter Laurynn

Katie (my nephew Jake's wife)
not use to seeing her without baby Harvey

Grandma Nellie, my sister Robin and my niece Brooke
(Robin and Brooke had been driving all day from Utah!)

And the game Laurynn won below, but that wasn't her paper.

Back to Colt and Sami's baby born yesterday, and my experiment....

My sister in law Kim (Nicole's mother) told me years and years ago, 
that the first born child usually looks like the opposite sex parent. 

For years I blew that off thinking it made no sense.
Especially since it's not true with my first born.

But the older I get the more I see there is some truth in this. 
Certainly not 100%, but way more often than not.
I can look around church, for example, and see first borns and yep, they look like their opposite sex 
parent. There seems to be no pattern for subsequent children.  

So look at baby Lincoln's parents below, and then look at the close up of Lincoln.
Yep, I vote Lincoln looks like his Mom.

So do you see it in your own family? Take a piece of paper and write down the name of 5 or 10
families you know. Then as you go down the list think of their first born child and who he or she
looks most like? I've done this in my head and it's about 80-90% accurate….that the first born looks
most like it's opposite sex parent.

So what in the world does this all mean? I have no idea.

Would anyone be willing to try it and let me know if you see a pattern?


Nate and Julie said...

I look like my mom and Clara looks like me. So it definitely doesn't work in my family, but I guess we could be the exception. I'm interested to hear how your experiment turns out.

grandmapeg said...

This was fun to do. So, with my siblings, I am the only one out of 6 whose first born looks like the opposite sex parent. Tony definitely looks like me. I always love to see pictures of your family parties. They look like so much fun, even if this time it was just a "drive by" for you and Lauren.

Richard said... know all my relatives. You figure it out and let me know how we stack up, but Robin looks most like her mother. And I think Colt's baby boy looks most like him.

Chris and Cortney Walker said...

I know in our family, Duncan is the spitting image of Chris but our other two look just like me!

Richard said...

Ok. I've done your experiment and it works out 50/50. It occurs to me that for a woman who birthed 2 actuaries you have a surprising lack of respect for the laws of probability...