Friday, August 30, 2013

The bathrooms along the way

Dennis and I have made the decision, the next time we go to Oregon,
we're going to photograph all the bathrooms we visit along the way.

There is nothing that makes me more homesick than stopping at 
horribly dirty bathrooms just off the freeway.
If you have ever taken a long road trip you know what I mean.

And what is it with all the people who stand behind those cash registers of those little old stores?
Why do most of them have no personality?
Can they not at least smile at the weary travelers coming through their doors?

Den said if he owned one of those old stores he would put a big sign up that read:
"Cleanest bathrooms in town"and then he would hire someone just to clean that bathroom all day long.
He is sure truckers and travelers would then buy all their chips and sodas from him.
I think he might be right.

I think they should all take a lesson from the little store right inside the building
of McKay and Tyler's office in Portland, run by the Hello man.
This happy man greets each and every customer with, "Hello Hello Hello."
It's a PLEASURE to go inside. And you know what else?
I would venture to say the Hello man loves his job!

I took this video over a year ago, so handsome little Grant is a lot bigger now
...and McKenna is just as beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Did you add that music or was it playing in the store? If it was in the store, that store owner gets another point! I have to admit, I go into stores based on their bathrooms. There is a health food store in town that has "the cleanest bathroom in town" with high quality soap and tissues and towels and flowers that brighten up the place, and I often stop just to use that bathroom. Then I feel obligated to buy something in the store.... as a thank you for providing such a pleasant bathroom experience!

Grandma Honey said...

No, I didn't add the music, Darlene. It was all part of their ambiance. They really have it all together there. I don't know if you caught it, but at the end of every purchase he waves his arms in a certain way as if to say, "all done."

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I've found Trader Joe's bathrooms to be uniformly clean and pleasant.

Raven Rozier said...

When traveling, I always look for a Starbucks. The restrooms are usually very clean.

Raven Rozier said...

Side note: there aren't too many Starbucks' in Oregon, but they're ubiquitous in Cali.

Grandma Honey said...

Raven, I saw some Starbucks in Oregon but I sure don't see any just off the freeway. They have great little grab and go lunches and cookies!

Ammy said...

What a cute man! Everyone needs to be as gracious as he is!

Richard said...

Asking for the New Yorker magazine in an Asian run convenience store with opera music in the background? Contemplating a photo shoot of next trips worst roadside bathrooms? I haven't seen a Fellini movie since I was in college but you seem to live in one...

Richard said...

You read the New Yorker? Next you'll be telling me that you and Andy Warhol were pen pals. The proprietor of the store should have pointed you to the shelf with the Rolex watches and Hermes scarfs...

Ann said...

Hi Grandma Honey,im sorry about your experience. Something to share,the 1rst WC I used in Hillsboro at Target make me laugh. The door is too short,I can see people's shoes and leg from outside.I didt notes in the USA movie/drama. In Malaysia,the door is long totally closed from up to bottom.This can prevent people outside stole handbag that hanging at the inside door.
I visited few times Starbuck which located in Fred Meyer.
Did you notice most of the grocery in US? For myself, Hillsboro incharge by foreigner (Asian). The cashier in the video looks like Vietnamese. Have you ever try the Vietnamese food before in US,Beef noodle is the vegetarian too.
Have a good day.