Friday, August 2, 2013

Last of the Family Camp 2013

Another year of Family Camp ended...Year 52, I think?
And 3 different people were so kind to send me pictures.
So here they are.....and warning, there are lots.

I don't mean to favor anyone, or leave anyone out. I can only show what I've got.

And don't forget to read Elora's review at the end of this post.

Hailey and Elora

The twins. Heidi and Scott!
Can you tell how much Scott loves having his picture taken?

Hi Laurynn!
She looks like Amy here.
Same trees, rocks, dirt when I was there 50 years ago!

Showing off their capes. These were made from Tshirts. 
They just cut the front off but left the neckline and back. 
I thought it was very clever!

The swim suit girls again...they even wore them to campfire.

I heard Carly did a most amazing job with 
spear heading all the campfire activities.

Elora and Téa!

Hi Kylie!

Miss Téa peeking at the camera.

The swim suit girls with "Grandpa Scott" as Téa calls him.
I guess to her, he qualifies.

Hi Elora!

 Slaving away over the dishes!

I wonder if they slept in their swim suits?

Tess and Téa!

Jonas looks so happy being with all the girlies.

The twins doing art work with Daddy.

The sisters: Kylie and Téa

Tess and Laurynn!

Logan and Amy and family minus Téa (where is she?) 
and Austin who's on his mission.

And now, here is Elora's review....her very first year ever!
She writes just like she talks.

"Family camp was super fun for my first time. It took some getting used to the dirt, since I don't really play in it. Seeing old (and new) cousins was super awesome too. Clara..... you are awesome. Clara was definitely one of my many highlights. Playing with her was absolute fun. Campfire was sooooo much fun. I really loved the jester showdown! I got to compete in one of them with the best jester the court has ever seen, we had a no blinking contest, and I won. The jester (sorry i forgot your name!) had to do the loser dance with a bag over her head. When I sat down Hailey commented, " I am so glad you did not have to do that!". The jester really pulled off that boogie! Besides the campfire, there was a superactivity. Hailey and I only did one, but it was the best. We went down to Shaver Lake, and swam! Hailey kept saying it super warm, but I disagreed. Clara, Hailey, and I were playing in the lake together. Hailey was the evil shark that kept (by coincidence )  stealing me. After we were all tired out from the lake, Hailey and I built a sand model of Hawaii. It was pretty amazing if i do say so myself. The volcano was a real beauty. Hailey and I had forgot to bring towels so we were shivering all the way back to camp. Before we started playing with Clara, we played (A LOT) with Tea'. Almost every day, we were climbing up to the high high rock and coming back down again. Hailey and I were very surprised with how brave Tea' was! We kept offering to help, but all her answer was was, " I got it, I am being careful!". She was too. Another thing Hailey and I enjoyed doing was rock hopping and going down to the swimming hole. Two times, we hopped all the way from the swimming hole, to the bridge! We were quite proud of ourselves. The swimming hole was a real delight, even though it was pretty cold, Hailey and I found ways around that fact. We loved sliding off the rocks, and going in the waterfalls! We waved to couple fishermen too. We pretty much LIVED in our bathing suits we went down to the creek so much! Arts and Crafts were lots and lots of fun too! Thanks Amy and Chickee! We did everything from making t-shirts, to making ducktape key things! Hailey's rock was really amazing. Without even knowing it was hers, I loved it! it was a pink striped rock with black paw prints and heather on it! The painting of heather was gorgeous! There was also a really cool rock done by Brian. It was a monster rock, and on the back it said Family Camp '13. But I have to say the little kids did not like it as much. Violet kept saying, " MOVE ROCK!!! MOVE MOVE!!". Thats the way to show the rock you love it, way to go Violet! Talent Night at the campfire was amazing! I have to say, the cookies did a pretty funny show! But what really struck me was Melanoy's (I think thats how you spell it. hmm.) amazing talent! She played the guitar and sang to Arms. It was so pretty! Hailey and I were looking at each other like, this is amazing! Family Fued was another awesome night at the campfire. ( Way to go Shepards!) (( That was the team Hailey and I were on, and we won!)) . But I have one complaint. The top thing people liked to do was..............SITTING??? That is just ....... come on... and you will be speechless when I tell you what the second thing was. SLEEPING???!!!! Oh my gosh, Hailey and I were like....... What? Awards night was really special. Thank you scottypotty and Chickee for making them! You might be wondering why I just said scottypotty? Well his wife threw him under the bus, and told Hailey and me that nickname of his! Thank you! What was super special about it, was that even baby Mara got an award, The Sleeping Angel. That was my favorite. Hailey got Artsy-Smartsy, and I got The Newbie award. Special thanks to Chickee for letting me stay in the cabin as well. :)"

 Hailey 9, Clara 3, and Elora 10, swimming in Shaver Lake


Richard said...

Wow what a great post, especially Elora! Many years ago there was just one award. Pigpen of the week...the dirtiest kid. It just kind of happened spontaeously. In subsequent years kids began vying for it, so to avoid hurt feelings multiple pigpens were recognized and then in recent years, starting in 1978 i think, every kid got an award for something.

Rebecca said...

What a fun family tradition. I especially liked those swimsuit girls...oh to be a little girl again and live in your swimsuit all day (and not be mortified anyone would see me) such fun times!

Tyler Heasley said...

I just used a word counter on Elora's review and this is what showed up, in order, for the top ten words she used:

hailey 16 (16%)
rock 8 (8%)
really 7 (7%)
got 5 (5%)
down 5 (5%)
pretty 5 (5%)
amazing 5 (5%)
way 5 (5%)
super 4 (4%)
fun 4 (4%)

Very cool post. It was great to see Family Camp again.

Sue said...

Elora is such a fun girl and a very good writer as well!


Anonymous said...

Love Elora's letter. It's great to "hear" how she talks by the way she writes!

Karen Mortensen said...

What fun pictures. Loved Elora's reporting of the camp. Wish I could go to Family Camp.

Richard said...

I just reread Elora's report...I think she will,one day replace you as my favorite blogger.

Anonymous said...

I loved seeing all the pictures of family camp and Elora's post was so articulate and funny! Yea what is it with all that SITTING and SLEEPING going on.....