Thursday, August 8, 2013

I've decided I'm not a good traveler

After going through about 2 hours of smoke (from Ashland and through Grant's Pass), at least one of those hours it was intense.....and these pictures don't begin to do it justice.....

A stop to McDonald's because one of us couldn't wait to use the bathroom (thankfully before the smoke got really really bad).....and an accidental push of the wrong a/c button letting the smoke into the car, rather than keeping it on recirculate....burning eyes, sneezing, runny nose, and then a horrible headache. And I only get a headache about once a year.

And this was all with wearing a face mask. But with all the sneezing I had to keep removing it.

Mile 89 marked the end of the smoke and beautiful fresh air again. Oh the things we take for granted.

But the headache remained. Finally by the time we got near Eugene I told Den, "I can't take this anymore. I have to get out of this car. We need to spend the night in Eugene." I know he wanted to keep driving the remaining 2 hours to Beaverton, but not surprisingly he said, "Okay, that's what we'll do." as he went looking for an exit. Every day of my life I continue to be in awe over this man.

So I called Holiday Inn Express and was told they were completely booked. I said, "We just need one room. Are you sure you don't have one for us?" Then oddly the girl said, "Well we do have one room with a king bed." Like that's a bad thing? I hadn't even mentioned what kind of bed we wanted but what could be better than a king? Strange conversation but I said, "Oh yes, good, we will be right there!"

So we get to the hotel, and then to our room which looked just perfect for one night stay. So it was about 2:30 by now and I called the Homewood Suites in Beaverton to let them know we wouldn't be able to make it until the following day. I apologized and explained the smoke, and my headache. This girl said she was sorry but "there would be a cancellation fee." How much was that I asked. She said we would need to pay for the cost of the room! I guess I am so use to Marriott's "call before 6pm the day of arrival and you aren't charged" that I thought they would be the same.

There was no way we were going to pay for 2 hotel rooms. So after Den and I discussed this for about 20 minutes all the while sitting in our Holiday Inn Express room, we decided to see if they would let us cancel and we would drive into Beaverton after all.

So while Den packed the car, again, I went up to the front desk and said, "There is nothing wrong with our room, but we have a problem and need to cancel if that's okay?" The two girls at the desk were beyond nice. They said it would be no problem at all, and even asked if we needed help in any way.

We left there feeling very good about Holiday Inn Express, but not so good about Homewood Suites. Until about 4 hours later when we walked into our room and found this.

 The little gift was filled with candy. Not that I needed any of this stuff, but it was a kind gesture. 

The day was all worth it to walk into the homes last night of our family,
and meet our new grand babies.
What sweet sweet joy.

If you are still reading, sorry, no pictures yet, but they will be coming soon. 


grandmapeg said...

That smoke looked bad...almost as bad as what you and I passed through on our trip to Oakland. I'm glad you made it through okay. That was nice of Holiday Inn Express to not charge you. I can hardly wait for pictures :-)

Grandma Honey said...

The smoke on the way to Oakland scared me more because we couldn't see where we were going for about a minute. This one wasn't as bad, but it lasted for well over an hour. Visibility was okay, but I just hated that we were breathing all that crud in.

Karen Mortensen said...

I wouldn't be a good traveler in those conditions. I am glad that hotel was so nice to you. Hope you are feeling better.

Scrapally said...

Glad you made it safely and I can't wait to see pictures of the babies! Have fun! (that note at the hotel really was a kind gesture...I don't think most people or businesses do that kind of thing anymore)!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you had a hard trip. Glad you're safe and sound with family and new grandbabies!

Richard said...

You're not a bad traveler, just a little eccentric. Your travel blogs have a certain dysfunction that runs through them, kind of an anti-Jack Kerouac gestalt. Very entertaining in a glad-I'm-not-there kind of way, but in the end we're happy things work out so well and that Dennis didn't leave you on the side of the road. Can't wait to read about the rest of your trip.

Sue said...

Richard's comments often crack me up. Today is no exception.

Sorry you had to go through all that smoke. Honestly, this sounds like an account of one of my mom's trips. I think you guys have similar travel luck.

Enjoy the grandkids!

Rebecca said...

I don't even know Richard and his comments crack me up too!