Saturday, February 9, 2013

We never know what is being planned for us.

A few weeks ago I came home to an empty house so I quickly turned on the TV
for some noise while I made lunch. I had flipped on the BYU channel,
and there was the President of that university, Cecil Samuelson talking along with his wife.
They were standing side by side sharing some earlier fertility/ pregnancy hardships
they went through in the early years of their marriage.

They had to wait 3 years for their first child, and another 5 years for the second one,
and then her Dr said there would be no more babies.
They tried to adjust to this fact but it was hard
because they both very much wanted a large family.

Then several years later they heard of a family adopting a baby from Guatemala.
They quickly checked into this idea and 2 months later were able to adopt
Guatemalan twins (who are 36 years old now and have families of their own.)
Several years after the adoption they surprisingly became pregnant with one last child!

The following quote from President Samuelson really struck me 
so I repeatedly went back with the help of my DVR to get it right:

"We share these experiences only to show 
the hand of the Lord in our lives 
and to remind ourselves and others 
that seeming disappointments and disasters 
often are the keys that unlock the door 
to greater blessings and opportunities 
that might ever been hoped for or even conceived."

I like also how President Samuelson pointed out that while he sees the Lord's hand
often in his life, he usually recognizes it better in retrospect than while it is actually taking place.
That was a relief to hear because that is usually how it is with me, too. But he also added,
"We fully believe that rarely, if ever, 
do good things happen to us 
without the influence of the hand of heaven."


Richard said...

Really helpful and uplifting....thank you once again for being so perceptive to the sensibilities of your audience!

Karen Mortensen said...

What an awesome story. I really like what he said. That is so true. That is how it is with having Daniel. Having him has truly been a blessing in our lives.

Sue said...

What a cool story. I am going to share it with my daughter who will soon undergo IVF.


Grandma Honey said...

Thanks Richard but I wasn't meaning anyone specific. I just love stories that make me think of the behind the scenes of our lives....what we are possibly being prepared for. When Bill died I wondered if I'd ever really be happy again. Looking back I see that much was in motion for great things to come.

Scrapally said...

This was really good. I am trying to be better about recognizing God's hand in my life each day...seeing the tender mercies that I know are all around me. I usually see it after the fact as well, but would like to see it a little better...Someone's talk once said to ask yourself each night, "How has the Lord blessed me today?" It might have been pres. Barrus. I will have to go back and look at my notes...and get the exact quote, because that's more of a paraphrase.

Grandma Honey said...

Allyson.......President Barrus may have said that too, but I know a few years back Pres Erying gave a talk about it in general conference. He suggested we keep a journal everyday of noticing the Lord's hand in our lives.

Fisher Family Fun said...

My husband says that sometimes the spirit you are suppose to raise comes from a different family and until you can have your own, you have to find that other spirit first. If you could have your own, then why would you search out another? I had my two and then we were told we could not have children so we adopted three and then were surprised with a pregnancy and now another! It is interesting to see a prominent member of the church going through the same thing alot of us did. Great blogg!

Ammy said...

LOVE IT!!! We had to wait 11 years for Hannah and another 3 for Josey. I am now SOOO baby hungry! I needed to hear this...I wish I would have heard this talk...but your post made my day!

Grandma Honey said...

Ammy, you can watch it at

It's very interesting, and they show a beautiful picture of their 5 children and grandchildren today that I couldn't find anywhere on the net or I would have included it this post.

Rhonda...I very much agree with your husband. I've seen this happen many times, your family being one very good example!