Saturday, October 13, 2012

Two grandsons on stage

I predicted a few years ago that Austin would land 
the lead in the school play when he was a senior. 
Well guess what? I was right!

Last night Den and I, along with Elora, got to see it for ourselves. 
I knew Austin would be good. I knew it. And he was! He fit the part perfectly of Pierpont Finch. 
Or is that Finch Pierpont. Whatever.  

Amy and Logan and all Austin's siblings, including the twins attended opening night on Thursday. 
Then last night Amy could not stay away so here she is coming in again, 
 this time with my sister in law, Kim.

I was able to capture a few pictures after the show.
Chandler was also in this play, his first time on stage, and he looked SO GOOD. 
He didn't have a speaking part but he danced and sang a lot 
and it was so fun seeing him. He will be back!

Chandler, Austin, Amy, and Kylie

Kylie worked one of the doors. She had the cutest shoes on 
but I think the heels were about 6 inches!
She was absolutely darling but this picture does not do her justice.

Chandler and Elora

It shows again tonight at the MET @7:30, 
and again next Thurs-Saturday (18, 19, and 20th)
Tickets: $12. ($10. for students and seniors)


Anonymous said...

That play is playing at our community theater right now!
It must have been so fun for you to see your grandchildren in a play.
Did it bring back memories?

Grandma Honey said...

Oh yes, it always does bring back the memories. At some point during every single performance I attend there, I tear up. Happens every time. But I do love it there. And it is so fun seeing the next generation taking over.

Karen Mortensen said...

How awesome. Broadway here they come.

grandmapeg said...

What a good looking couple of grandsons you have and Kylie is always so cute and stylish! It won't be long until Elora is up on that stage because she has already proven that she has talent! Makes me wish I was there to see them.

Nate and Julie said...

So fun! I wish I could go see them perform. High school musicals are always so much fun!

Robin said...

I have heard such good reviews of this play from my friends fb posts!! Congrats on such talented grandkiddos!!

Tyler Heasley said...

Austin definitely looks the part. Good for him.

Scrapally said...

F.I.N.C.H. Austin played the part perfectly!! All of the kids did a real good's sure fun to see kids we know up there dancing and singing. Did you see Joel? ha ha...he was behind one of the elevator doors making it work. :)Dave and I couldn't believe how grown up Chandler is...and I remember coming to hs plays with Mckay and Tyler in have great talent in your family!

Grandma Honey said...

Scrapally~ It was so fun seeing you there too! I talked to Davey and Joel but I didn't have the courage to ask to take their pictures. (I'm trying to be more non invasive these days :) Someone told me before the show that they were working the elevators. I had no idea what they were talking about but then I saw what a big deal those elevators were!...really a cute part of the show.
Lots of great talent and weren't those costumes the best! I loved the bouffant hair styles too :)

Becky Jane said...

Sounds like he needs to meet my daughter! She is in drama too and loves musicals and dancing. She just finished the play 'Curious Savage' and now their getting ready for 'Little Mermaid'. It's so exciting to see kids enjoy drama! He is quite handsome!

Lisa said...

Nice set up & call! THe WHOLE FAMILY is SO HANDSOME! WOW!

Sue said...

How exciting!


PS. Good to see Elora, too!