Friday, October 5, 2012

Pregnancy...and a free lunch

When Dennis asked me what the monthly lunch/lecture was about this month in Hanford
I said, "Oh it doesn't matter what it's about, but we are going right?" He said sure.
Of course he did.

But a few days before, I finally did tell him the lecture was by an OB doctor, all about pregnancy.
He wasn't interested, so then I said,
 "Look, we have adult children having babies. We need to keep up on the latest." 
His response?  "No we don't. That's their business, not ours."
He's right, but I still wanted to go, so we did.

And it wasn't just for this lunch...which is always wonderful there, and free I might add.

 Dennis likes to pile it on. Chicken Alfredo, manicotti, salad and cookies.

So we learned a few things.
Did you know that pregnant women are not suppose to eat cold cuts unless they are steamy hot? 
Something about the bacteria needs to be killed.

I thought tuna was out these days for pregnant women. 
But no, this Dr said they can now eat 12 oz of it a week. 
I ate fish nearly every single day I was pregnant with Tyler. I craved it.

They no longer say that women should eat for 2 while pregnant.
This Dr says the new rule is they should be eating for 1 and 1/6th of a person.
I would have totally blown that new rule out of the park.

Massages are best to avoid during the first trimester 
because they could increase the risk of miscarriage.

Flying while pregnant increases the risk of blood clots.
The airlines are not suppose to let a woman on the plane who is over 37 weeks.
But the last baby this Dr heard of who was born on a plane was awarded free flying for life.

You should not get your hair permed, colored or highlighted while pregnant 
unless the place is well ventilated.

50% of US pregnancies are unintended. 

Okay, so that's my new pregnancy knowledge that I don't know what to do with.

And according to a survey from a bunch of pregnant women....
I can think of a lot worse complaints than those. 
How about all day nausea?

Then the Dr showed us this video.
I will always and forever be in awe of this miracle.

If you want to skip the talking like we did today, just go to 2:00.


Anonymous said...

I like the video, especially the giving-birth part. Very cool.
And that looks like a delicious lunch. Was it?

Kris said...

Dad's comment cracked me up! I can totally hear him saying that! I'm still chuckling. ;)