Saturday, November 12, 2011

The day we met baby Grant!

I should begin this with an apology to the McKs, but I will save that for the end.

What a moment watching them walk towards us!
(We had already taken Grant from them.)

They flew into San Francisco from Provo.
Then took the BART to Pleasanton where we all shared a hotel room.

 Grant's in love with his Mommy

I think Grant realized right away that I love him too. 
He would look at me at any angle that worked.

This is the first and last I will see of him with his casts on.
Next week he gets his special shoes and braces.

There is just something so satisfying 
about watching your kids become parents.

In love as much as ever
Hard decision what to order. 
Cheesecake Factory had way too many choices

But look what we all ended up with

McKay ~ herb crusted salmon
I guess this design was for Turkey month?

McKenna~ Pork chop

Dennis~ Swiss steak
Grandma Honey~ Grilled salmon
Okay, I'm getting a little carried away here...back to the story....

And see that little mound below....that's Grant!
McKenna and I were both a bit nervous about the baby
being so close to the aisle and sort of out in the open.
McKay said that if anyone even got close to him he would "take them down" 
I've never heard McKay talk like this...but then he's never been a father before. 

I think he's looking for his Grandma Honey again
Great Grandma Susan gave him this cute little blanket.

How's this for a family picture?

Guess he just can't get enough of me. (I like to think  :)

McKay still studies with that pen in his mouth.

If McKenna isn't talking to Grant, McKay is.
I love it!

It felt like old times watching McKay and Dennis together!

 The next morning after the McKs were up,  
I peeked into their bedroom 
and look what I saw! 

Grant already knows where he likes to sleep. 
I sure have fond memories of McKay sleeping 
between me and his Dad. 
And I won't even say how long that went on.

 Our time ended way too soon. 
We had to get them to the BART at 8am, for take off.

I was determined not to cry. 
I did really good...
until this elevator shut.

I thought I would feel better once I met Grant and saw the McKs again.
And I guess in some ways I do, but it also makes me miss them all the more.
And it also makes me ache all the more to meet baby Rich!!
So happy they will all be with us next month for Christmas. 

If you will ignore my hair, you can watch this video.

Dear McKenna and McKay,
We are so so sorry for the very long long travel day you went through to get here, but especially going home.
I don't even know the details of yesterday yet but you were in transit for over 12 hours! ....and mostly in 2 different airports doing lots of waiting due to delayed flights, and the fact that you didn't even get to go on the same flight together!, except at the very end from Denver to Provo. McKenna, we should have gotten you a stroller for must have been so hard carrying him in strange airports for hours and hours without McKay, especially with his little legs being in casts. I was hoping all day that a kind soul helped you in some way. It also makes me want to be aware next time I am in an airport to look around and notice who I can help. 

Plus we kept you up way too late talking with you, and got you up too early. Not to mention that sweet little Grant woke up to eat at 4am.

And we are so sorry the heater did not work in our hotel room!

I also regret we didn't take you directly to the SF airport. We really thought it would be QUICKER for you to take the BART rather than take you by car....since the BART takes you UNDER the water. It wasn't until McKay forgot his laptop and Dennis drove to SF airport to get it to him, that we realized it was half the distance by car!

But you did this all for us,
and we appreciate it more than words can say.


Karen Mortensen said...

I am so glad you got to meet him. I can't wait to see him a Christmas, that is if you will let me come over and hold him. LOL

Dad and Susan said...

Too too precious for words! Grant is a doll! The McKs look pretty good too. So glad you finally got to meet little Grant. How do you pick these hotels with A/C and heat problems? Love conquers all however. Love, Dad and Susan

grandmapeg said...

Little Grant sure does love his Grandma Honey!! He is so cute!!!!!
It sure looks like he had something important to tell you. I'm so glad you finally got to meet him! As a side note...your grilled salmon looked so-o-o-o delicious!

Sue said...

This whole thing made my cry. Especially the last part. I'm so glad they were darling enough to make this visit. And I'm happy that you got to enjoy being with all of them.

The video is so, so cute of you with Grant. I think he's in love with G'ma Honey.


Tyler said...

Apologies to McKay and McKenna? What about the rest of us? I mean really—CHEESECAKE FACTORY??

No but seriously, we are more than excited to be with you for Christmas. I can't wait to see you hold Rich and decide if you like him. Though, I guarantee you'll think very highly of him, so I'm not worried.

Awesome pictures. I'm really glad we could see it all since we weren't able to come.

Lisa said...

Oh what BEAUTIFUL pictures of everyone! Such a gorgeous family. How PRECIOUS to have had this time together. I really enjoyed the narrative & the pics!

the Rich girl said...

Ditto to what Tyler says. Seriously, California Christmas cannot come soon enough!

And I'm glad McKay, McKenna, and Grant were able to meet up with you guys. I'm sure that was really a neat thing to be a part of.

Rebecca said...

What a sweet, happy little guy. So fun you finally got to meet little Grant. I would say he does know and love his Grandma Honey already!!!!

Scrapally said...

what a cutie! So glad you got to spend some time with them. We take any chance we get don't we? My kids have to travel far too, but those young moms are strong and courageous. Amanda came all the way from Georgia with two babies by herself. They amaze me. I too will look for more opportunities to serve...great idea! :) Thanks for sharing your Grant time with us...

McKenna Heasley said...

Please, please don't be sorry about anything! We are so grateful for you and everything that you did for us! We are also more grateful than you know that Grant finally got to meet you and Dennis! He really did love you, it was very sweet. You guys are the best and we can't wait for Christmas!!!

Anonymous said...

Bet you never wanted to let him go!

Grandma Honey said...

Oh you know it Darlene!

Holly Decker said...

looks like you soaked up every second together... so glad :)

Connie said...

What a wonderful visit for all of you! He is a precious little soul. Love his smiles!

Ammy said...

I loved the way Grant was talking to his Grandma Honey!! SO SWEET!!!!