Friday, November 18, 2011

Did your Grandpa ever show up at school?

For some reason, whenever Dennis is out of town I sleep on his side of the bed. 
Really, I don't understand why, but that's what I do. 
Maybe it helps me to miss him a little less since I am taking his place?
I'm glad he is home after spending 5 days in Houston visiting his 2 sons and their families.

I love how excited he was to surprise 
his grand daughter Kaylee at school. 
He showed up just as she was going into the cafeteria for lunch. 
When she saw him, her face lit up 
and she threw her arms around him.
He got emotional just telling me about it.

She loved it so much, that he surprised her again today!

We are going to frame these pictures and send them to Kaylee.

He still had the school required name tag on his shirt 
when he stepped off the plane tonight!
And knowing Den, he will probably keep the tag forever.
Yes, his real name is George, which I prefer, but he doesn't.

Kaylee has changed much since this picture... 
one of my all time favorites.


Kris said...

Oh I love these pictures!!!!! Dad looks great and Kaylee is as adorable as ever. I miss her! So glad dad got to spend a few days in Texas.

Karen Mortensen said...

That is so awesome. What a nice grandpa he is. I am sure she will love those pictures.

Dad and Susan said...

Kaylee is as cute as can be. What a wonderful surprise to have your grandpa show up at lunch time! She's happy, he's happy. We're happy seeing this blog. Love, Dad and Susan

Sue said...

He is such a cute grandpa. And you are a lucky lady!


Connie said...

Yes she has changed! What a good surprise for her to have her grandpa show up! I can't ever remember my grandparents coming to my school. But then they had hundreds of grandkids, or so it seemed.

Lisa said...

What a GREAT & CUTE post! Where does the name Dennis come from then? Also Kaylee has the same facial features as her grandpa! I was really struck by that. I would miss him too if I were in your shoes!
: )

deerie65775 said...

Oh, she is adorable!! I hope that my hubby will go visit his granddaughter at school when she is old enough! Our first grandbaby is just 13 months. She and my hubby are great buddies!