Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Part 2 Halloween...Utah version

Mad Scientist Jacob

Zombies aka Matt and Robbie

Gypsy Rachel

And by phone here we have:
Grant McKay
love the double chin!

Tyler as Rick Astley
Baby Richie as Professor Plum

Did Karen and McKenna make this? Not sure.
I think I want one of these next year!

And of course the Jack-O-Lantern contest between McKay and Tyler

And Tyler's Doctor Who Dalek Pumpkin (whatever that means....I'm sure you  know and I don't)

McKay's shark and fisherman

How could I have had any doubts they would get married.

And so concludes Halloween 2011
See all you monsters next year!
Next up, regular life.


Anonymous said...

Oliver had that same skeleton costume!

Darlene said...

All of these pictures are so great!! That is the thing that is so fun about Halloween, all the cute costumes and how the kids do love to dress up in them. I love the huge tie, and the pumpkins are pretty special too! It is such a fun holiday for kids, and all that candy too!!

Dad and Susan said...

Cuteness abounds in your family! Loved all the pictures. Love, Dad and Susan

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

LOL they take their pumpkin carving seriously don't they. Awesome that they can do these.
Wow that pizza is making me hungry and it is bedtime to late for food.
Great fun post.
Love ya

Mimi Sue said...

Looks like your Halloween was lots of fun. I was born and raised in San Luis Obispo so your post about the wedding was fun to see. We moved to Utah to be closer to most of our kids and grandkids when my husband retired. I'm definitely making tha chicken parm bake soon. Mimi

Sue said...

Looks like things went well in Utah, too!


Becky Jane said...

Looks like you had a fun and busy Halloween! All my kids carved their pumpkins in the traditional way, except my 13 year old son...he got knife happy and ended up carving his into a mess...which he thought was pretty cool until he had to clean up!