Friday, November 25, 2011

A few Thanksgiving Memories of 2011

Look what Grandma Lynn made for our granddaughters Elora, Cami, and Violet, 
and their friends, Hailey, Anna, and Ian ! 
(Cami was sick on Thanksgiving and camped out in the other room. We missed her!)

She got the pattern off Den's daughter's website YOUCANMAKETHIS
What a forever memory this makes!

I was lucky to get a picture before Ian took his hat off. 
But the girls kept them on all afternoon and probably beyond.

One of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving was over hearing Elora talk to her friend Hailey. 
None of us got the whole conversation but a few heard Elora say at one point, 
"Don't worry. The store employees kill the turkeys."
(Apparently she was trying to explain Thanksgiving to Hailey)

This reminds me of the time I was trying on clothes with Elora in a Target dressing room. 
We suddenly heard a loud noise and by reflex I asked,  
"What was that?" 
Without skipping a beat Elora responded, 
"Oh that's just Target making more clothes."   !! :)

And a few states over, here are some of our Utah grandchildren 
getting ready for the next day of Black Friday at their Moms' quilt shoppe.   
Did they spend the night there, is what Grandpa wants to know?

On another note,
Go here and watch what one mother is very thankful for!
Sweet, doesn't even begin to describe this.


grandmapeg said...

Those hats are so cute!!! Did Kim and Kris open their shop early for a Black Friday sale?

Connie said...

Those hats are darling! So are the kiddos wearing them.

Karen Mortensen said...

Cute pictures. I hope Cami is feeling better. Love that girl.

Sue said...

Those hats are pretty dang cute, and so is the sweet little scooter. She didn't seem to be letting any problems she might have get in the way!

A good lesson for all of us, I think.


Lynn said...

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving, Jill. We're so glad you and Dennis joined us!

Lisa said...

Those were really cute hats those kids got! I really enjoyed the thoughts you penned in this post! And THANK YOU for bringing Green Smoothies to "light" via your blog! I can feel my life making a huge change for good! Isn't it interesting how we all touch lives in the simple, daily pursuits in a personal quest to live the best live possible? So grateful for bloggers like you! You really are leaving a LEGACY not only for your posterity but for your friends & peers! MUAH!!!!

Becky Jane said...

Thanks for sharing the link to 'Lamps' mothers blog! The gospel does make a difference!

Kim said...

I love these pictures! Very cute. And the hats turned out darling! I'm so glad you found them at our site! What lucky kids!!