Thursday, July 29, 2010

Her favorite word is 'trash'

But I try not to take it personal.
Even when she says it all through lunch. 
Lunch:  leftover 'deddy' (spaghetti) and cantalope. 
Every few bites, she would say 'trash.'

And oh, when it was time to put her diaper in the trash, it was like Christmas to her.

Flipping the light switch on and off was almost as good as the trash.
Grandpa came home 2 hours early from work, so he took us shoe shopping.
He's trying to coax Téa into giving back the shoe she took from the shelf.

Our baby girls obviously has experience with a debit card!

I wonder what she was thinking when she saw this poster on the way out of the mall.

We had barely started the car when we heard velcro sounds coming from the back seat.  
Téa already had learned how to unlatch her new sandals!
Dinner:  We were having tuna salad.
So I just gave her some of the tuna mixed with mayo, some avocado pieces, and some cooked carrots, and toast....she seemed to love it all.
Then I started thinking....Is it okay to give tuna to babies in 2010?
I fed it to my sons, but it seems I heard something about the tuna rules changing. Uh oh.

She is such a busy little girl.
I mentioned to Den that Téa doesn't smile very much.
He quickly said, "She is too busy to smile!"

A messy, but successful day.
I think I underestimated how comfortable and attached she is to us.  It's not like we are strangers to her.
Yet, tonight as it got close to bedtime she repeatedly said,  "Ma Me... Daddy."  Over and over. 
It's like she was saying,  "It's been swell, but now I want my parents."

She went right to sleep but then about 30 minutes later she cried 
so Grandpa held her and patted her back til she was back in dream land again. 
I snuck in to take a picture just now and this is what I found.
Amy says Téa is her only daughter who ever slept with a baby doll.  
My mother use to say the same thing about me!

Elora volunteered to come help me tomorrow, and I said YES!  


Tyler said...

I miss being there for many reasons, not the least of which is being able to watch Tea and see what she does.

Scrapally said...

judging by the state of your house and the sleeping child, you had a successful day! What wonderful grandparents you are! A good example to me! (now if my grandkids would just live close enough to sleep over...)

grandmapeg said...

Miss Téa seems like she had a very full day and by these pictures I can tell you did too :-)) My favorite picture is the last one where she is sleeping with her baby doll. Cute, cute, cute!!!

Karen Mortensen said...

I am glad Elora is coming to help you. I hope you have your video camera ready. Elora is such a delight. Wouldn't want to miss anything.
It seems like Tea is doing okay and having fun.

Susan Rozier said...

Jill, You and Dennis are so great to take over the care and feeding of this sweet little girl. Interesting how it takes two big people to care for one little person. Kudos to all moms everywhere. Their job is a tremendous one, isn't it? Speaking of tremendous moms, you are mother-in-law to two of them. Both Amy and Erin are raising delightful children. I know they appreciate you and Dennis for adding memories to their children's lives. Love, Susan

Jill said...

I know what you mean Susan. This week has taken me back in time...what I use to do everyday, but had forgotten how all consuming it is...but also what a joy. And yes, with my back hurting, I can't lift her at all. It's been quite the experience caring for a baby but not lifting her...which is why I rely on Dennis, and then later Natalie.

Lisa said...

PRECIOUS! Can't wait for ELORA's visit! HOw fun for both the girls!!! Looks like you're gonna be 2nd flddle tomorrow & it isn't even Wednesday!

Rebecca said...

It wears me out just reading this. Did the cardboard gate work? I am thinking not? Only one more day to go and you can take a NAP!!!

Jill said...

YES the cardboard gate worked really well. We tried to find a regular gate to put there, we even went to a pet store, but nothing would work being it is at an odd angle. She is so sweet and fun and we have enjoyed her so much...but yes, I need a nap! How did we ever do this every day??

Mar~ said...

She is such a doll!
You do have the most darling grandkids.

Ann said...

Cam cam has the blue sandle. Miss Tea has the white sandle. they look like same design :)

Jill said...

Wow, Ann, I didn't even notice that! So I went back and looked, and sure enough, they have the same sandal, just different colors. What an eye you have!

kelly said...

Ok, I am enjoying catching up on your blog way too much, I need to go to bed. The tuna is good, they just say that for kids and women who are pregnant or may become pregnant no more than a half a can a week or a whole can every 2 weeks, something like that, it's because the mercury in it can damage the nervouse system before it is fully developed. My cousin ate it every day of her entire pregnancy and has noticed no problems in her 17 yr old daughter so who knows, it could happen. Tea is a doll, Peyton also likes to sleep with a baby or a stuffed animal and her "pink blanklet". She likes taking her sandals off in the car too. Such a fun age!