Sunday, September 21, 2014

Karen's Quinoa Burrito Bowl

Does this not look good?!
So it's not our picture, but it's what Karen made 
for us yesterday for dinner.

I loved it so much that I hid away the tiny bit of leftovers so I could have more later.

Karen made this for us last year when we were in Portland 
and I loved it so much I asked if she would make it while here.  
And our very sweet girl said YES of course!

The only difference she made to the recipe is 
omitting the lettuce... and she used chicken broth in the quinoa 
instead of just water. 

And I had a little chicken left over from our potato bar 
a few days ago, so I added that to the toppings. 
(We didn't need the chicken but Dennis thinks it's not dinner without meat. So it made him happy.)

Thank you Karen for another wonderful meal!

Then after church today Karen put some of the leftover toppings 
from last night, over her tuna sandwich. She also sprinkled some 
celery salt over that….and it was DELISH….

 I know, because I tried the same thing.

Next up, Tyler's meal. He's cooking as I write this.

Do I have a great life or what.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Have you tried a potato bar lately?…and Karen's salad dressing

Potato Bar was name of the day for our family gathering last night.
Amy requested it and it's so easy.

green onions
yellow and red peppers
chinese noodles
sour cream

For Amy's favorite punch recipe go here.

 I like a meal where everyone can make it the way they want.  

And maybe even come back for some more Chinese Noodles.

Karen made a salad dressing I LOVE and want to make it again.

Karens Balsamic Vinegarette from Food Network

1/2 c olive oil
1/4 c balsamic
1 T chopped garlic
1/2 salt
1/2 t black pepper
1/8 t dijon mustard

Laurynn had water polo, and Austin had to work, but we did get to have Kylie and Macie with us.
They are seriously such sweet hearts. If you know them at all, you know this.

Chandler found his own way to party. I'll tell you something about Chandler. No matter what is going
on, now matter who is there, he is happy and helpful and never complains about anything. 
Now wouldn't you think he would make a great husband someday?

I heard Richie, age 3, tell his cousin Jonas, age 5, "Squirrels run up trees." 
and Jonas responded, "I know that." 

Leo's thinking seriously about something. He does lots of thinking.

 Richie meant to call my Dad "Great Grandpa" but he said "Big Grandpa" instead. 
Richie LOVES him.

Just 45 minutes before our party, Logan was having this done.
(some sort of growth removed from his head.

So he came with a headache, but he still came. And we were happy to have him.
Nice how they didn't have to shave his head for the surgery.
Our family has become so big that we will have part 2 of this party 
next week with the rest of our local family.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

How hard can this be?

As Richie and Leo came into the family room 
all ready for their first swim, 
and wearing these adorable matching swim suits 
I had to quickly grab my camera.

 But Karen told me I'd never get the boys to both look at the 
camera at the same time. Really? How hard can this be?

I literally followed them all over the room trying to get them
 to both look up at the same time.

Come on Leo. You can do it! Look up at Grandma Honey.

So where did your brother go?
Doesn't look like it's working.

This was the best I could do.
Karen was right. This was much harder than I thought. 
And the swim after this photo shoot? Not good. Neither one of 
them liked that big pool of water, at all. Maybe next year.

Monday, September 15, 2014

This is called thinking outside the box...

Richie has slept with his Binky since birth. 
But after the first night here, we could not find it anywhere! 

I know Richie will have to give up his Binky someday, 
but please, not at Grandma Honey's house.

I want him to relate his short stay here with only good memories.

So what could any of us do to console him? 
How was Richie suppose to sleep without 
his dearly beloved Binky?

On another note, he decided he liked my kitchen tongs. 

His Mom suggested since they couldn't find his Binky that perhaps 
he would like to sleep with the tongs instead? 

As you can see, Richie agreed and made the transition just fine.
See him taking his nap today, all cuddled up with the kitchen tongs?
What a smart Mom to think of such a plan!
It would have never occurred to this Grandma Honey. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fresh off the plane from Vancouver, Washington….

Do you know what this little 3 year old grandson of ours did as he came off the plane to greet us? 
He put his hand out to me as if he were getting ready to shake it, and and said, 
"Hi Grandma Honey! I'm in California." 

Yes, we get to have his parents and brother with us too for 11 days!

 And in spite of us all staying up too late talking last night, 
Tyler got up for his regular church meeting at 6am, in Washington, via computer and phone.

Then when the rest of us got up, we all went to church together.
We got to hear a talk about being kind and
how we should practice it so much that it is second nature to us.

We did feel a little anxiety after church when Karen lost her phone.
After some searching, Find my iPhone saved the day and told us it was in the car.

Soon I will give you the recipe of what we had for breakfast.

Dennis says you will love this.
But then he eats it twice every day; for breakfast and his bedtime snack.
And sometimes after lunch, too, as dessert.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Just like a speeding train!

While the McKs were here last week, 
I asked McKay to go through all his childhood stuff 
and finally make decisions about what to keep, and what to toss. 

McKay must have been waiting for Scarlett to be born 
so she could help him with this task. 
Otherwise he would have taken care of this 11 years ago!

Scarlett stood right there ready to help. Girls are like that.

She at times became a little distracted with the toys all around her, 
but no….

She didn't let her Dad down. 
She went right back to the box and helped Daddy make decisions.

He appreciated all her advice.

 "Uh no Daddy, I think you should keep this notebook instead."

In the midst of McKay's things, 
was this picture of Elora taken about 10 years ago.
McKenna quickly pointed out that while our cupboards and 
flooring are different now, that little white plastic container for the 
measuring cups is the same one!

 Same kitchen, different baby…..10 years later.

And you know what? 
To this Grandma Honey those 10 years went by 
like a speeding train!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Find My Friends

Dennis likes knowing where I am. I like that he is so interested. I 
know this would not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's mine.

So McKenna introduced us to a free phone app called, 
Find My Friends, that allows one to follow a person where ever 
they go (with their permission and sign up of course). She uses hers 
to know when McKay is almost home so she can have dinner on 
the table as he walks through the door.

I thought Den might like this app, and he does.

It works especially well for me because my new resolution is not 
to touch my phone while driving. (I got this idea from a friend on 
Facebook who nearly had an accident just checking her phone.) 
I've told Den that I will no longer look at his calls or texts until I 
get to my destination.

With this new phone app, he doesn't need to call or text me to 
ask where I am. He can just bring up the app on his phone and 
watch my car go from place to place. Not that he just sits there and 
does that all day, at least I don't think so, but I like him being able 
to. He takes his job as protector very seriously. It's just his nature

Dennis put the app on my phone too so I can also chart his course. 
But I've never used it. I don't care where he is, just as long as he 
comes home to me each day.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Can't get lost there!

Our friend Jo calls her home, "the place you can't get lost in."…..because we have the identical floor plan. 

The only difference is she opted to have a dining room….

We opted to cover the wall and make that area an office. 
That was 24 years ago for both of us.

And tonight, Dennis and I got to eat in her dining room!

Look at the sweet place settings she got ready for us.

She made a most wonderful Gumbo soup that took her 
THREE DAYS to complete. 
So I didn't ask for the recipe, even though it was very yum.  
 She told me she use to be my mentor. 
I corrected her and told her she still is!

Her husband died a few years before mine did. 
During my sad years, I would sometimes show up at 
her front door late at night, and she would always welcome me in. 

 When it was time for us to go tonight, she packed us up some leftovers. Of course she did. Of course!

Thank you Jo Jo for a most wonderful evening with you.

I believe good friendships are eternal. I know they are. 

In case you missed it, she also knows how to pack for a trip 
like no one else I know. 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

What they had to say about the first day!

The 1st day of school was actually 2 weeks ago around here. 
Just now getting this on here so you can see my interview.

And at the end, NO, Violet did not have rubber on her feet, 
and she was not on a trampoline. I can't figure it out either.

First day of school for the locals from Jill Shelley on Vimeo.

I wish I had read THIS first before I did this interview!
Makes me want to go back and do this all over again. 
Now I want to go find me some kids so I can try 
these questions out on them. Maybe I will….

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Goodbyes are the hard part!

Grandma Honey had a hard time saying Goodbye. 
So did her husband, the Grandpa.

The problem with having our out of town grandchildren come see us, is we get so attached to them that
we have to go through withdrawals when they leave. But it's still worth it! 

Being with our family means everything to us.

We only had one causality…

But I never liked that pot much anyway

Some moments I want to remember….

The music video Grant goes to the most? "Shake it Off" 
Astounding the way he can maneuver his Mom's phone and he's not even quite 3 yet.

McKenna, Grant, and I got to see the twins start their very first day of Kindergarten. 
Amy held up better than I did.

Grant just did not understand why he couldn't go through that gate and play on the equipment. 
Didn't make much sense to me either.

McKenna and Scarlett were able to attend Elora's cross country run!

We are not quite sure what Grant loved more….the pool or the warm shower after. 
When he would have enough he would say, "Please warm shower." 

Scarlett was Miss Happy Girl. 

She will grow up to be a very kind woman, we can just tell. She will also be strong and speak up 
when she has something to say. Like at Red Robin's last week….I think every person sitting 
anywhere near her knew when she wanted a refill on her Mac and Cheese.

Her big brother has determination in his soul, too, as you can see!

 Our nephew, Jake, and Katie stopped by to show us 12 day old Harvey Cleve Kennington. 
He is beautiful! I wish I could have gotten a better picture of gorgeous Katie.

Scarlett was not sure about her Mom holding another baby. She tried to swoop quickly over there.

McKay reminded me of his Dad the way he would do just about anything to entertain his children.

Grant however, preferred his food OFF his head.

Lots of pool time.
Growing up McKay would spend 6 days a week in the pool
 and he wanted his kids to experience some of that.

                    Otherwise, why would they choose to come to this burning hot town in AUGUST?

We got to see a little of the universal pecking order of siblings.

Grant could not get enough of these little people. 
Guess what he's getting for his birthday next week from Grandma and Grandpa….

Scarlett seemed intrigued by having her second cousin, Sarah Jane, stop by.
I sure wish these little girls lived closer. 

Special time between McKay and Grandpa Rozier.

(Below, watching the video of the McKs/Brock and Erin's adventure)….

Lots and lots of family time ...and now it's over...

But not for long. In just 9 days Tyler and Karen and Richie and Leo arrive!!

Meanwhile, Later, I still have more recipes and cooking adventures to share of McKenna.