Saturday, January 20, 2018

Oh the sweetness of it...

I think Dennis, like many good Dads, 
still sees his daughters like this:

So when one of them comes to visit us,
he's quite happy to have his little girl right next to him.
We both are.

This time Kim brought her daughter, Emily, with her. 
It was SO fun.

Loved having them with us!

So thankful we got to see Emily one more time before 
her 18 month mission begins in 2 weeks. 

One of my favorite parts of our visit, was looking back through old 
videos I had of Emily's childhood. 

And while we were at it, they showed me a blog Kim follows so we 
got to watch a live gender reveal of quintuplets together!
I kept thinking, "Live? They're going to do this live?"

We even talked about how we are SO thankful 
Emily survived THIS a year ago.

One of the bonuses of this trip, was finding out that our ward 
Young Mens' President, served a mission in the very one Emily is 
going to....Cape Verde Praia 

While Emily asked her questions to James, Kim got reunited with 
Jenni, her roommate from her Utah State days. 
(who also just happens to be in our ward)

Jenni, Kim, and Emily

I'm looking forward to following Emily's mission. 
As I continue to look back to her childhood....

Emily's in the middle with cousins Katie and Jessica. 
(Jessica will be home from her mission in Las Vegas in March!)

I recorded this back in 2008 
when we got to have all 3 girls for over a week.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The more we do, the easier it gets?

29 years ago today my first husband, Bill, was shot up 
numerous times in an armed robbery. I can't even remember 
how many bullets anymore. 17? 19? And it was hard to count 
since some were exit wounds. 

I remember the first day he came home from the hospital 

after spending 3 weeks there. It took me THREE hours to 
dress all his wounds...and I was suppose to do this 3 times a 

How in the world was I going to manage that?! This 
even included my Mom coming over to our watch 3 year old 
Tyler because there was no way I could keep everything 
sterile with him in the room.

But over the course of several days I got the process down to 

45 minutes a time. That was doable. 

As my father use to say through out his life, "That which we 

persist in doing becomes easier, not that the task itself 
has changed, but our ability to do so has increased." (or 
something like that). 

Those weren't my Dad's words but they always will be to me. 

He said them often to us growing up. And it's how he lived his 
life. (I would say it's still how he lives his life, but I don't think 
the task of living in a wheel chair ever gets easier.)

This picture of Tyler and McKay was taken 
close to that period of time 29 years ago. 

I can still picture these two little guys riding the elevator with me 
up to the 6th floor of the hospital wearing their little red coats. 

They would both scramble to push all the buttons to make the 
elevator go faster, so excited to visit their Daddy.
 But thankfully 
too young to understand his severe suffering back then.

Right here I wish I had a picture of Bill 
coaching Logan's little league, from his walker 
just a month after coming home from the hospital. 

And on a lighter note. I bought those 2 little red coats at a garage sale, 
where I got most all my sons' clothing back then. 
I'm kind of proud of that. 

Monday, January 15, 2018

Scarlett has a message for us.

Here's our 4 year old granddaughter Scarlett teaching us 
about Martin Luther King Day.


Friday, January 12, 2018

Alexa and Leo

Leo kept asking Alexa to play this certain song 
(I can't remember the name of it now)

The first time or two, Alexa played it just fine, and Leo was happy.

Then, I think Leo was not as careful pronouncing it, or he would 
pause too long between words, so with each subsequent try Alexa 
continued to say, "I don't know that one."

Leo was getting so frustrated with Alexa, but he kept on asking. 

Time after time...becoming even louder with his requests.

And Alexa kept saying each time he would ask, 
"I don't know that one."

Finally in the background, Leo's 6 year old brother Rich said to me 
very quietly, "Alexa is just saying that because she's getting 
tired of singing that song to Leo." 

That makes me laugh every time I think about it.

Even Juliet made her requests...

She would run up to her and say, "Es-sa"
Can't leave the little sister out.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

My Patch Test

Last week I had allergy patch testing done on my back 
at my dermatologist's office. 

Lovely as it is.

Then I returned 48 hours to get the first reading. 

 The nurse said most everyone who takes this test 
comes back with negative results. 

She took off the patches, looked my back over and announced, 
"I see something!" 

It showed positive for gold.
(the other spot to the lower right is hair dye and not a reaction)

I haven't been able to wear my wedding rings for more than a day 
or two at a time without breaking out for the past 40 years. 
Okay, not much news there. 

But then another 48 hours after that, I showed positive for Nickel.

I thought at first, that doesn't sound too bad...

Until the Dr walked in and handed me a list 
of all the things Nickel is in:

door knobs
cell phone
frying pans
metal chairs
metal lamps
chrome and brass
hair ornaments
snaps, buttons, and zippers
hand tools
knitting needles

For now, he told me not to wear any jewelry at all 
(Yes, even the cheap stuff, which he said always has nickel in it.) 
In 2 weeks if my eye eczema clears up,
 then he'll say it's mainly the jewelry. 

I said, but I only wear jewelry on Sundays! That can't be it. 
He said once a week is enough to have a problem 
for up to 8 weeks.

By the way, I found out the safest jewelry for anyone is sterling 
silver. He said hardly anyone is allergic to that. But I have no 
sterling silver anything.

Meanwhile, he told me about this little kit I should buy 
so I can test all the nickel suspects in my house. 

If the kit works I will be back on here with the results.
You may have a nickel allergy too. 10-20% of the population does.
Allergies do run in families. 

Monday, January 8, 2018

We needed Leo's help

We waited 2 months for Leo to come to Clovis 
so he could help us with our clock. 

It had been an hour slow since 
October when the time changed.

Since I couldn't climb up there to change it, 
I thought our 4 year old Leo would be perfect for the job. 

He hoisted himself up there with no problem.

"This one Grandma Honey? 
This is the clock you want me to fix?"

"Reach up there Leo. You can do it!"

Oh that proud I can-do-it face!

I then set the clock back an hour. 

The harder part was for Leo to get the clock 
back on the nail just right.

I thought he might not be able to do this part, 
but he got it on the first try!

Success! Thank you Leo!

So I went to find Grandpa Dennis so he could come see 
what Leo did for us!

We came back to find this.

Leo was just so proud of himself 
he could not leave well enough alone.

So then it became a game.

That's our Leo!

Saturday, January 6, 2018


At bookclub on Thursday, my friend Kristi asked me....

"Your granddaughter, Juliet's her name, right? I saw her at 
church. Uh.... was she wearing part of a spider man costume on 
her head?"

"Yep, that was our Juliet." 

"And was that her saying AMEN real loud after the prayer? 
She must be two, right?"


"I could tell" 

Kristi really pays attention. 
But then, some things one cannot miss. 

Christmas Eve morning all ready for church.

She's "borrowing" it from her cousin Jonas.

She wore it the night before to Cafe Rio.

And she slept in it. 

This is a girl who knows what she wants.
I miss you Jubee.
Vancouver is so far away.

Do you know what my Mom would say about this?
She would say, 
"Karen and Tyler are really good parents to let Juliet be a 2 year old (or almost)." 

Thursday, January 4, 2018

She couldn't explain her head to me.

While looking on the computer today, sometime around noon, I 
noticed the main CNN story was the horrific weather in 

That's where McKay and McKenna live.

Something about a bomb cyclone and blizzard conditions.

That's when I got on my phone. First I called McKay. No answer. 
Then McKenna. No answer. 

Then I sent McKenna a text, and and said I was worried and asked 
if they were okay. She texted right back with, "Yes!!" 

Then she called me. She said the kids were playing in the snow. 
That they were all home and planning to stay there. 

Part way through our conversation, McKenna started to laugh and 
said Scarlett had just walked in the door and she tried to explain her 
head to me. Then she sent me a picture.

McKenna said it "wasn't too cold out the 20s"

Those temps would be the coldest of the cold around here.

All's well that ends well, right?

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Little Ben saved the day!

This picture was taken 
right before the evening got a little rough on Christmas Eve, 

two of our grandsons were so happy....

Richie and Jonas

But then right before the annual Rozier Nativity was to go on....
Richie said his stomach hurt.

When that's said by a 6 year old, we know what that means.  
See that bathroom to the left of you? 

I was standing behind him so I tried as quickly 
as I could to get him in there.

We were seconds too late.

Apparently Richie had eaten too much chocolate cake.

Thanks to Amy who stepped right in without hesitation and got on 
the floor and scrubbed with Clorox Cleanups. 

As Tyler was getting Richie ready to take him back to our house, his  brother Leo, who had been waiting all year to be the Shepherd, said to me so sadly, 
"Do I have to get in the car too, and go home?" 

I assured Leo,  "No, You can still be in the show!" 

Later that night after the Rozier party was all over, 
we all went back to our house 
(Richie and his family had been with us since Dec 20th.)

I showed Richie the video of the nativity he sadly missed out on. 

He quickly noticed his 2nd cousin Ben (my sister Robin's grandson) playing his shepherd part and said, 
"Oh look! That boy took my place!" 

Except for falling over the angel, and few other incidences, 
Ben did a great job! And with no rehearsal!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Bookclubs 2018

I have been missing in action, but please don't give up on me.

More on that later, 

but for now, here is the book list for one of the THREE bookclubs 
I belong to. 

Book Club List 2018

January 4th
by Kristin Hannah

February 1st 
by Kate Anderson Brower 

March 1st 
by Tom Christofferson

April 5th 
by Sandy Tolan

May 3rd 
by Bernard Poduska

June 7th 
by RJ Palacio

July 12th 
by Marie Benedict

August 2nd 
by Rebecca Skloot

September 6th 
by Susannah Cahalan

October 4th 
by Olive Ann Burns

November 1st 

by Jennifer Chiaverini

*One of the other bookclubs I belong too will release their list later. And my 3rd bookclub, we just choose the books each month as we go along. It's kind of fun actually, being surprised each month with a new title.