Monday, March 6, 2017

The wonders of my week #10

1. Just as I started reading this book, "Carly's Voice," 
and right on page 2 there is this one line in their story 
that describes our neighbors, 
(except for the part about the old bricks).

"We lived in a tidy and well-groomed neighborhood of old brick 
homes, with well groomed neighbors that kept to themselves."

So I'm trying to say that we still don't feel connected to anyone on 
our block and we've lived here for 7 months now
We keep trying.... Maybe when the weather gets warmer??

2. I saw this obituary recently in our paper. I didn't know this 
woman, although I did go to school with one of her sons, so I read 
it. The part that struck me I highlighted:

Must have given her peace the later years of her life 
to know she gave her family her all. 

I've probably said this before here, but my Mom would sometimes 
say to me when I was a little girl: "One of the biggest secrets in 
the world is being a wife and mother is THE best job in the 

3. Yesterday at church we opened our regular Sunday bulletin 
like we always do....

As I opened it up I gasped, turned to Den and said, 
"How did these BABIES get on the program for Primary?
When did they grow up??"

We do start them early in our church. 
They are just THREE years old.

I never know who is more excited about this. 
The parents, or the 3 year olds. 

4.  McKenna asked if I know of any good names in our family 
history she could pass on to her sister 
who is having a baby any day now. 
I did find one! 

My Great Great Great Aunt Atlantic Ocean Lewis, 
born in 1809.

She was the 11th child of 14.
There must be a story behind her name, but not sure we will ever know!
The other 13 children in the family have normal names.

5. We are loving this stuff.

It comes in other brands as well, I think.
I put it on fish, vegetables, pasta 

and last night on our chicken salad (not as a dressing, just as extra seasoning)

6.  My nephew Jake and Katie had their 2nd baby boy today. 

I think my sister Peggy should get the award for most beautiful Grandma of TEN.


Anonymous said...

4. I have an ancestor whose name was Ayeshia Minor. I think she knew Atlantic Ocean!
6. The baby's name? And congratulations to Peggy for indeed being a most beautiful grandmother.....just like you.

Scrapally said...

Maybe she was born crossing the Atlantic...time to search ship registers! :) Peggy looks great! 10!

Susan Anderson said...

Great post, and what a cute baby! Like you, I love that obituary. And I agree with your mom wholeheartedly. Being a wife and mother is the best job, ever.