Saturday, March 18, 2017

A green day brought the past back

Sometimes you can tell your adult kids what to do but....

He just smiles and says no. 

And that's okay.

But when I really need him he never disappoints. 
Like last night at our Leprechaun party. 

He took over the Red Light, Green Light. 

Then it was switch places, and Logan got to be a kid again. 

Serious stuff to  him.

Thanks to the Ryan family for joining us last night.

Glad I got Brittany in one of the pictures anyway. 

Don't know how I missed taking any pictures of her husband Travis
(unless you want to count this one of him videoing the race)
Logan and Travis were the best of friends starting about age 12
I use to call him my 5th son. 

So bizarre watching their kids play together.....25 years later. 

Téa, Jonas, Hudson, 
and Shroeder (who just got hurt outside and not feeling the best right then)

Last night brought out the reflective mood in me.
So I had to go find some Logan/Travis pictures. 

Most of these were taken 20 years ago. 
TWENTY years. Gone, just like that. 

Travis, Pete Maskovich, Robby Pauline, and Logan go put your shirt on.

Travis, Robby, Logan, McKay
and Pepe Hernandez in front

Logan and Trav with Wendy Karsevar.
One of their favorite teachers, hands down.

Logan, McKay, Travis and his sister Kasey (who by that way has not changed at all in 20 years)

CRAZY how time is. 

If you don't think your life is whizzing by, 
you better think again.

Back in the day, the days were long and the years were short.

Now the days are short and the years are short. 

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Anonymous said...

There is so much to say...where do I begin!?! I will keep this short: Love the green hair. Love all the party decorations and the fun games. Love Logan's look he gives you. Love the photos from long ago. Love all the beautiful people. Love your yard (what type of trees and plants are those?). Love you all! pjc