Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Thank you Wayfair

I think I've given Dennis too many projects to do.

He's building cabinets in the garage.

Never mind the light fixture on the ceiling. 
Unless you want it, then it's yours.
(the former owners just stuck it up there after taking it down from the dining area)

Den spent a few days putting our breakfast table together.
(taking many breaks so he could do his regular job)

These are our best dishes, still here from some dinner guests who 
needed to cancel. As you can see, we won't give up on them.

All the dishes, goblets, and placemats from the Dollar Store.
(One of our new neighbors made the center piece...
so exciting, we ARE getting to know our neighbors!!)

These little bar stools were the first things he put together for me.
He said they were easy, so it snowballed after that.

He's working on this cabinet to go in our closet.
(in between taking breaks from his garage project)

And I love this little dresser for our guest room 
he put together last week. 

All of the above (except for the garage cabinets he is making) 
came from Wayfair.com  It's such a fun site. 
The prices aren't too bad either. 
Considering what things cost at a regular furniture store. 

But they do take time to put together. 
The little dresser above: 5 hours


Anonymous said...

I like seeing all these projects and the 'during' photos, too. Starting with the top picture, what a clean garage!
The breakfast table is perfectly adorable. Love the dishes, and I cannot get over how they are from the $store. How nice to have stools at your counter. Just right for company to sit and visit while you are prepping a meal. Love the guest room colors....so pristine with the white, and then the blue accents make it pop.
Guess I am not used to furniture that needs to be put together. That just sounds so strange to me having to assemble a dresser, cabinet, table, and chairs. I'm glad you got good prices and of course your 'handyman' appears to be a pro.
side note: what brand drill is Dennis using?


grandmapeg said...

How exciting!!! Dennis is quite the handyman! I love the colors in your guest room and your breakfast table is so cute!! Dennis must be exhausted by bedtime, but he does a wonderful job!!

Karen Mortensen said...

All very nice. Love your Dollar Tree finds.

Scrapally said...

You go Dennis! Great job!

Grandma Honey said...

The garage may look clean, Pam, but that may be because Den painted that one wall white. Also, I'm only showing the part of the garage he's working on :) We'll get there though.

Grandma Honey said...

And to answer your question Pam, he is using a DeWalt drill bought at Lowes. Do you have a Lowes way over where you live?

krheasley said...

Everything seems to be coming together so nicely! I LOVE your cute little breakfast table.

And I see that the pictures of your boys and their wives has graduated to the guest room. :) Love it.

I can't wait to see it all in person!!

Grandma Honey said...

Yes I LOVE that double picture of my sons and the 4 girls I prayed for since they were just little guys.