Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Sometimes I like to be told what to do.

Not always. But sometimes.

Like a week or so ago when 3 of my nieces came 
to visit. (Robin and Dave's girls)

I forgot to take even one picture of them, so I had to snag a few off 

 Brooke and Lauren, and McKenzie below them.

Lauren was visiting from Ohio, Brooke just came for the weekend 
from Provo, and McKenzie is still in high school here.

So it happened like this. As we were just sitting around chatting I 
happened to mention that we were having someone come out to fix 
our stove since the 2 front burners don't work. 
The sellers of our house graciously bought us a year warranty on the house....
so any repair is just $65.

So my nieces started checking out my stove.

Not that I asked them to or anything. But there they were all 
hovered over it. Then suddenly one of them said, "There I fixed it." 
Apparently I just had the burner plates upside down! 
All fixed, and saved me $65.

Then I started talking about the dishwasher....I showed them how 
Dennis does not like the silver ware container on the door. 

That's when one of girls reached her arm in, removed the container, 
and then put it in the dishwasher like this:

You mean I could have done that 7 weeks ago 
when we moved in here?

And wait there's more. As I walked them to their car, I was 
showing the girls how I was upset the gardner wacked off too much 
of this bush I like. 

So McKenzie gets close to the bush and tells me it's a Rosemary 
bush! Really, I had no idea. I LOVE rosemary. 

She said I could just come out and get
some when I'm making dinner.

Thanks girls! 

Here's all their siblings together plus Ashley's 2 children.

Sarah, McKenzie, Lauren, Brooke, Ashley, Ben, Davy

They have all grown up so nicely. 
I need to have them over more often. 
More like, I need to beg them to come over more often. 
Like having my own personal house coach.

And that was just the kitchen.


grandmapeg said...

Those girls seem to know what they're doing and probably were happy to save you some money!! They are sure a nice looking bunch!

Scrapally said...

Those quick fixes are great! I don't like my silverware thing on the door either! I am going to change it right now!