The Bed hunt is back, this time with Violet.

Many months back we were on a hunt to find a new bed. We never 
did find one and then just gave up. But now Den can no longer 
tolerate the one we have, so like it or not, we are back on the hunt.

This time we took Violet with us.

She was "so a-sided" about going to a bed store…..

until we actually arrived and then she wasn't so sure.

I did ask the store clerk if I could take pictures in his store and he 
said, "Of course!" Then he added, "You wouldn't believe the 
things people take pictures of."  ...Uh, yes I would.

Violet is not one to keep opinions to herself. Even when she 
doesn't verbally express them, they are written 
all over her little face and body.

She looked up at me as if to say, "This is not fun Grandma Honey."
But give this girl a few minutes and she finds the good in anything...

So she slowly decides to give a bed a try….

Although her way of checking out a bed is a bit different than ours.

and that's okay. We just want our girl to be happy.

She especially liked it when she had Grandma and Grandpa 
lying on both sides of her while all 3 of us tried beds together. 
Nope, didn't ask the clerk to take a picture of that. 
Den would have been too embarrassed.
By the time we were ready to go, she was sad about leaving….

When we got back home and after lunch, 
she requested sleeping in Grandma Honey's bed for her nap.

Since no one had made our bed yet, she thought it was the best 
thing ever to settle in between the sheets. She smiled and said, "I 
get to sleep in Grandma Honey's blankets!" 

I wasn't tired but I love listening to this little girl talk herself to 
sleep... so I layed right beside her. Girls are so different. I don't 
remember any of my boys talking themselves to sleep. 

Did you know that the average woman speaks 20,000 words a day?
That is 13,000 more words than the average man.
They apparently start practicing at a very young age…..even while 
dozing off. Gotta get those 20,000 words in.

And the bed? Still no decision. I told Dennis it would be soon. I promised. 
I'm feeling the pressure. 


McKenna Heasley said…
Oh my goodness. I love this post. She is so beautiful and sweet! What personality! Also her little matching outfit kills me! What a cutie. :)
We got our new bed at Costco and we are very happy with it! Plus I love their return policy!
Karen Mortensen said…
She is cute. Hope you can find a bed soon.
Susan Anderson said…
It's hard to pick a new bed, isn't it? At least they all seem to have 30-90 day "try-out" periods now.

She is adorable!

Grandma Honey said…
This is what we have learned so far about the try out periods:
SEARS: 60 days try HOWEVER, you pay 15% of purchase price restocking fee plus $70. to have them pick it up
JCPENNEYS:only 30 day try out but no restocking fee and free pickup
THE BED TRAIN: 100 days of try out, no restocking fee, free pickup.
ASHLEY FURNITURE: No try out of any kind. You buy it, it's yours.
These are all we have checked out so far.
Grandma Honey said…
Which bed did you get from Costco, Rhonda?
Rebecca said…
That Violet! I just think she is the cutest thing every. I love all her facial expressions.
Anonymous said…
I don't think I'm getting my 20,00 words in these days. I think social media is robbing me of talking as much as I'm used to!
pebble said…
We love our Intelligel bed. Changed my achy muscles for the better. Try one. Good luck with your search.
It is a Sealy, if I remember correctly. It has memory foam on top. Very comfortable. I think we paid less then $800 for a California King.

No try out period. Try it if you don't like it just take it back for a full refund.
Scrapally said…
we got ours at costco too and have not been disappointed. Good luck! Love your little helper!

Lisa said…
You should talk to Carol & Dennis they bought a bed that really like a couple years ago. We bought the Sleep Number & hate it but I bought the 9 inch mattress & then had to add the egg carton foam to make it better……GOOD LUCK. I'll be interested in what you get cuz we're not going to last much longer.