I sort of blew it.

While Elora, Téa, and I were on our way to Red Robin last night, 
Elora felt like venting. She said she is offended when people offer 
her the Kids Menu at restaurants. She's 11 now, and how could 
people not know she does not need one of those anymore!

I listened intently and empathized with her because that's what 
Grandmas are suppose to do. What an insult for people to think she 
is 10, when she is in fact 11!

So we sit down at Red Robin and the first thing the waitress says to 
me, is, "How many Kids Menus do you need?" So far so good, 
but guess what I did! I said, sort of on auto pilot, "Two" As soon 
as I did it, Elora opened her mouth in silence and just stared at me. 

Oh no, what did I just do! "I'm so sorry Elora….oh my goodness, 
I didn't mean that." I looked at the waitress and said, "ONE 
please. We only need ONE Kids Menu for Téa!" Then I turned 
to Elora and whispered, "I am so sorry." Sweet Elora gave me a 
forgiving smile. At least I think that's what it was.

So Elora helps Téa choose her dinner…..

and then Elora orders off the Kids Menu as well…..what the heck? 
 "But I thought you were offended by the Kids Menu!?"

"No Grandma. It's fine. I just don't like to BE ASKED if I want 
a Kids Menu. I still like to ORDER from it."

Apparently I'm still a Grandma in training. 

(Turns out the family behind us is in the same ward as Elora :)

I have decided that an 11 year old and 5 year old 
 make a good match. One likes to mother, 
and the other likes to be mothered.

They dyed silk scarves in Kool-aid

And did painting projects

And apparently ate all the cupcakes from Aunt Robin, 
 while I took a nap.

I'm thankful I had a mother who taught me that 
 "kids NEED to make messes."

How lucky am I that I got to have 2 of my grand girls 
 close by the past few days. 

And we topped the day off with a visit
 to Great Grandpa and Grandma Susan.

And next post I'll tell you where Dennis was….


Karen Mortensen said…
Kids. Cute story. Elora is still fascinating. So glad you were able to see your dad and Susan. Two of my favorite people.
grandmapeg said…
These are such great, memorable 'adventures' for you, Grandma Honey! Elora certainly thinks like a female :-))
Anonymous said…
Love to read about your grandchildren! Thanks for sharing. I love your sense of humor!
Scrapally said…
Grandma training...I love it! I'm glad they could spend such quality time at your house and keeping you company. They seem like a lot of fun!
Rebecca said…
haha this is funny but I can so relate to it, I do not want to be asked if I am a senior citizen, but I do want the senior discount!!!!!!
Grandma Honey said…
Hey Rebecca I never thought of it that way….but I'm the same way. :)
Susan Anderson said…
This kids menu story made me laugh out loud. That girl cracks me up!


PS. Such a cute pic of Great Grandpa and Grandma Susan with the kids.
Lisa said…
Elora will always be my HERO! I just LOVE that girl! All your grandkids are a marvel & wonder! Cute post!