Thursday, July 25, 2013

He's getting better!

What a difference a day can make!
Thank you SO much for all your prayers!

I had never been to this hospital's ICU until today, 
and was surprised it is right off the front entrance on the first floor. Right down that corridor.
Most hospitals seem to keep their ICU hidden somewhere, up towards the top floor. 
I wonder what their thinking was keeping it by the front door. 

I sat and waited right here while Den parked the car.

The nurse on the phone (when I called to check on Dad) 
said I would need to push a button and wait to be let in saying, "We don't let just anyone into ICU."
Well a man ahead of us just walked right in, so we followed him. It worked just fine!

 Dad looks really good. I'm loving his new glasses! They make him look young and healthy. 
 He just takes everything in stride.

He's doing so much better today than yesterday. Which makes Susan happy, too.

They were going to take him out of ICU and put him in a regular room 
but then his blood pressure dropped. 
So they upped his fluids and expect the BP to come back up.

I never knew that about blood pressure and fluids, did you?
Mine is crazy low at times.


Karen Mortensen said...

So glad he is doing better.

Anonymous said...

He does look really good. So happy for you all! He'll be "home" in no time!

Anonymous said...

Hooray for Dad! He looks great. UTI's can also temporarily affect the mind especially in older people...I don't know the correlation but it is true. I like how he continues to read. Very encouraging progress. Such a clean and precise hospital entrance and the ICU is quite roomy. Any chance of sneaking that bed home!?!
xoxoxoxoxoxox, pjc

Rebecca said...

He looks pretty chipper. So glad to hear he is doing better! And, again, that Susan, she is an angel!!!!!!!

cristie said...

golly he's had a rough year. xox