Monday, July 1, 2013

What do you do when you have 52 people over for lunch?

And your house just isn't big enough....

You improvise...

It may not be the best solution but our guests were good sports about it.
I think it was harder on me asking them to go eat in the hallway, than it was for them to do it.
I'm hoping anyway.

The teenage girls had their own little party in our office.

We crammed together chairs to get in as many as we could.
I knew it was going to be HOT yesterday (110 degrees!) so before we left for church 
in the morning I set the thermostat @ 70'....something I never do. 
Still, as soon as those 52 warm bodies arrived the temps shot right up. 

 I enjoy seeing 2 of my 4 sons together...
All these years later, I still love saying, "I have 4 sons."

But it was all worth it to celebrate Austin's Mission Farewell

My Dad and Susan are always our honored guests at every event, no matter what we are celebrating.

Dad surrounded by granddaughters and Téa (a great granddaughter)
And no she does not use a pacifier....she took it off one of the dolls.

Two more of his great granddaughters, Mara...
and also the teeny one Ashley is carrying due in November. 

Right towards the end of the party, Dennis' granddaughter Jessica had a plane to catch. 
Her 10 day stay in California is over. Everyone LOVES her. And we MISS her.
Jess was helping me clean up right up until it was time for her to fly away!

The heat was getting to a few of our guests, plus all the good food.
They have no idea I took this picture.

And our soon to be missionary needed a nap too.
Jonas, not so much.

Is that a great smile or what!

As I am writing this, Austin will enter the Missionary Training Center in
8 days, 14 hours, and 24 minutes and 50 seconds,
according to Den's countdown on his phone.

What an life changing adventure it will be.


the Rich girl said...

Jill, these pictures are all so good! I especially love the last one of all of you at the temple. Wish we could have been there to support Austin and hang out with everyone.

Anonymous said...

Whenever I have a lot of people at my house, I feel like I'm in a daze. It's like I dont really experience it until after everybody is gone and I can re-live it in my mind. Does that happen to you?
Are you wearing a scarf in that picture?

Grandma Honey said...

Karen~ I wish you could been here too!

Darlene....I am the same way! My happiness comes after it it all over and I realize everyone else was happy. The picture I was wearing a scarf was taken a few weeks ago when it was cooler!

grandmapeg said...

It looks like everyone was having a great time, even the ones in the hall. I'll have to remember the blanket in the hall for our little grandkids.

Scrapally said...

Great pics. Great event. Great family. Great missionary. We wish Austin the best! Feeling bad we weren't invited to dinner...what's 3 more people when you have that many? lol. You are a great sport!

Anonymous said...

It is great seeing YOU!!!! And your beautiful home. Is everyone a relative or are some your church family?

Karen Mortensen said...

Wish I could have made it 53. Looks like a lot of fun. All the best to Austin.

Lisa said...

that is the BEST of times & such a wonderful family life!

Sue said...

Crazy and crowded as they are, the big family get-togethers are always the best of all!