Monday, March 5, 2012

Colt and Sami, the video

It was rated #2 in the nation.
The teacher who was the mastermind behind that video, also did my nephew's wedding video last month.
(He just so happens to be the bride's uncle.)

If you're a local you may recognize some people in it.
If not, I think it's amazing to see how the music and pictures and words all come together.

If you didn't catch the link above, and wish to see the award winning Clovis High video, go here.


Eileen said...

I do remember the other video, and they are both wonderful!
I really enjoyed this, so fun, so loving!
Congratulations to Sami and Colt! Their whole married life together ahead of them! The best is yet to be!
God Bless!
Love and Prayers,

Dad and Susan said...

This was GREAT! We enjoyed it at the pre-wedding dinner and thought it was awesome. Had no idea it was done by such an esteemed uncle. Should have known. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to see it again. Love, Dad and Susan

Sue said...

So well done. I really enjoyed seeing it, Jill.


grandmapeg said...

This is one of the best videos that I've seen with the music and pictures coming together so well. That teacher did a great job! I love the songs. This will be something they will treasure for life!

Richard said...

Really great.....thanks for posting

Karen Mortensen said...

That was wonderful. She is really a cute girl.

Darlene said...

You always know how much I love all of your pictures. I enjoyed watching those darling kids when they were growing up. They were both so cute.

The Uncle really did a fabulous jog and this video will be something they will cherish forever. I do wish them every happiness.

Mar~ said...

Darling! What a cute couple!!
Great video.