Wednesday, March 7, 2012

There are ways to say things.....

 ...and there are ways to say things.

The letter below was sent out to everyone in our ward by email this week. 
It's from our Primary organization, 
which is for the spiritual learning and nurturing of children ages 3-11. 
Certainly not to take the place of the parents in anyway, 
but as a supplement...a special place they get to attend each Sunday. 

Not sure who exactly in our Primary Presidency wrote the letter below, 
but I was struck by the grace and tact of it all. 
I wish I could write like that. 
I try to be tactful and kind,
 but I know some times I don't quite reach that goal.

Here's the letter:

"After prayerful consideration Clovis III Ward Primary Board is requesting that children in Primary use scriptures in book form as opposed to electronic devices.  

We see nothing sinister in electronic devices.  Indeed, we look forward to their use across the mission field.  For now, however, the majority of, if not all, missionaries use bound books for scripture reference.  Since we consider our scripture searches to be foundational learning, we prefer to use the same.

We have no problem with an individual primary teacher allowing hand-helds in the boundary of his/her classroom. We respect the decisions of our wonderful teachers.  But in the common opening and closing exercises and during Sharing Time, we would like our young people to have actual books.  

Please know, and we must be clear here, our young people have not abused the use of these devices. We respect their electronic savvy and appreciate that this might be an unpopular request.  We mean no offense.  Nor are we implying that we would confiscate the devices.  There's no need.  I've never seen a young person in our ward be inconsiderate or disrespectful.  We would simply ask them to put the device away.  And they would do so.

Thank you for your understanding,
Clovis III Ward Primary Presidency"

I think we have all been hurt at one time or another by the words of another. 
Perhaps it was even something we needed to know, something that would benefit our lives. 
But because of the way it is presented to us, we are offended and hurt 
and can't even hear what is being said.

A good piece of writing, like the above email, is a work of art. 
I like to reread it, and then read it again.

I can't imagine they would get any negative responses from either the parents or children. 
It doesn't tamper with  anyone's ego. 
It doesn't put defenses up. 
Instead, it is positive, and even charming.
And no doubt the original issue will be solved.


Richard said...

It seems the older I get, the more I appreciate good writing...and yours is consistently excellent. I read your blog as much for the writing as I do for the "news."

Lisa said...

You can definately tell the writer really had to pass through the process of writing that perfectly inspired message. Thanks for sharing as I have not seen it! You said something that resonated with me too where you underscored "can't even hear what is being said."

I think that's me when it comes to familial confrontations of sorts. THANKS Jill.

Dad and Susan said...

Kudos to both writers in this blog. Love, Dad and Susan

Scrapally said...

Well put...By them and by you! We all love reading your blog!

Sue said...

Perfectly written, by BOTH of you.