Monday, June 6, 2011

Update on Grandma Honey's Wing

Dennis here again with a shoulder update.  The Dr. today gave the initial diagnosis of a rotator cuff tendinitis with a possible tear.  He said, "I'm really sorry but I have to be upfront with you. I'm sending you to an orthopedic specialist."  She could not figure out why he was being so apologetic.

She said she didn't want to do that just yet and asked for physical therapy instead. He gave her a sheet of exercises and said she could try those but if she is not 40-50% better in a week, he would send her to the orthopedic Dr.

He wanted to put her on steroids but she declined that also.  She's not a real good patient.

And here's the most important part, according to her...she is very appreciative of everyone who has left a comment or suggestion.  She is looking into all your different ideas.

*This Dr today (which was not our regular one) told her the red flag of a torn rotator cuff is this:  Not only will your arm hurt when it's being raised up, but it will also hurt when it comes back down again. 

Interesting link about those 7 people who survived huddled in the bathroom at the stake center during the Joplin tornado.


grandmapeg said...

Thanks for the update Dennis. Jill, I hope you don't have to have surgery but I wouldn't be surprised. I don't know of anyone that has had problems with their rotator cuff that didn't end up having surgery. But, if anyone can beat the odds, it's you. Take care and keep us updated.

Dad and Susan said...

Thanks Dennis for keeping us up to date on our dear Jill's injured wing. We pray that her natural ways and positive thoughts will get this wing back on the job.

Loved the article from Becky and her friend. Really amazing the power of God from both perspectives.

Love, Dad and Susan

Rebecca said...

Dennis you are doing a good job as "substitute blogger" here. Jill, good job on refusing the steroids. I just read a scary article about them. They wanted Jake to have them when he was sick with a bad cold this winter and I also refused. So glad I did. As for your shoulder, my sister had this. She opted out of the drugs and surgery. She did go to the physical therapy and everything is just fine now, but she had to be diligent with her exercises and physical therapy. I will be thinking about you! Keep us updated.

Yolanda said...

Goodness gracious Jill!! We pray that you don't have a lot of pain. It's a full-time job now just to keep our body parts in working order. I think you might have better luck with Dennis than I did with Ron doing the household chores.

Yolanda & Ron

Sue said...

I've heard these injuries are very painful. Tell Jill I will keep praying for her, and I hope she can heal it with physical therapy.

If not, though, I hope she will be able to feel comfortable with whatever the doctors advise. (Sounds like she is the kind of patient I am!)


Mar~ said...

So sorry that you are in such pain. Pain is exhausting! And not only physically; it can be emotionally and spiritually draining as well. I hope you do not have to endure much more of this. However, it sounds as if you may have to work through your injury for some time. How did you injure your shoulder? (Sorry for asking, I know you can't really answer).
Hope you are pain free very soon!

Darlene said...

Darn! I am just so sorry you are having rotator cuff problems. I had the same thing years ago, went to my orthopedist and he put me on exercises and physical therapy and it did the trick. So even though you may have to go to an orthopedic Dr., he may not elect to do surgery.

I do hope and pray that you will heal soon. It is so painful and I just want for you to be well again.