Monday, December 14, 2009

BYU vs Fresno State

So my brother Richard who lives in Alpine, Utah,
says he has 4 good tickets for Dennis
to attend the BYU/Fresno State game
playing here last Saturday night.

Den loves all the BYU games
but he especially wanted to see this one.

Shortly after Den arrives at the game, he sends me this text:

"Right behind bench"

He got seats behind the bench??! So I quickly turned on the TV. I did see him a few times and his 3 friends he took with him. Well not Den's face, but I would recognize that body, and his shirt anywhere.

He even took a picture on his phone
to show me where he was sitting, and sent it to me by email.
He later told me that when he got his ticket, they just kept walking lower and lower, and could hardly believe they got to sit behind the players.

He came home so pumped. So what does he do? He watched it on TV all over again. And even more shocking than that, I watched it with him.

I'm so happy for him. He rarely does something for himself. Besides, he needed a break from this:He's got lots more to wrap this week.

When Richard left at 5:30 this morning, Den and I were still in La La Land, so we didn't get to say goodbye. We always enjoy his visits, even the very short ones.


Dad and Susan said...

Awesome reporting. Pictures are worth more than verbal accounts. We loved this.

Natalie said...

Ahh, how awesome! Kevin will be so jealous when I show him the picture. He loves BYU basketball. That is so great that he got such amazing seats! How fun! I love how you watched the whole thing with him=)

Miranda said...

Dennis is such a sweet man, so glad he had fun at the BYU game! I love that he wraps all of the presents too, Jill you have a keeper!

We miss you guys! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!


Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

Wow, lucky Dennis. I am glad he had a good time. How sweet of him to wrap all the presents. What a guy.

Kris said...

That is so awesome! I didn't know Dad went to that game! I can just imagine how thrilled he was. It would have been a hoot sitting next to him. That was so nice of Richard!

Dad, don't forget to fluff the bows. :)

grandmapeg said...

I saw Richard right at the end of the game but I never did see Dennis. I'm sure they both really enjoyed sitting behind the teams.

Dennis said...

Just so my daughter is aware...the bows are being fluffed. Oh, yeah. It was a great game.


Eileen said...

Wow! How exciting for him!

But I liked hearing more how he wraps gifts!
He does deserve a treat!

All the best,