Monday, January 16, 2017

Oh that interesting DNA

Learning recently through DNA testing that my son Tyler is 34% Irish, and my brother Richard, 45%
Irish, was a complete surprise.

I would have guessed we had zero Irish in us.

Many years ago a friend of mine who is Irish, put a song on her blog about the very first immigrant to
enter Ellis Island, NY in 1892. That was Annie Moore from Ireland. She was only 15 years old and
traveled in horrible conditions on that ship with her two little brothers for 12 days, including
Christmas. I immediately loved this song and have played it more than any other song on my
playlist for years.

I just really really like it.

Now, just knowing about our Irish background sort of gives me, in a strange sort of way permission
to like this song all the more.

As for my Irish friend who put this song on her blog years ago, she had her DNA done recently and
found out she's not so Irish after all. She's mainly Scandinavian!

I sent away for my own DNA kit today. I thought siblings were all the same in their ancestral DNA,
but I'm learning that isn't the case. My brother sent me this article today explaining why. I find
this all to fascinating.

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