Thursday, January 5, 2017

What our kids gave us for Christmas

We have 8 of them you know. Adult kids, I mean. 
And they are all married. So that means 16.

They were all so thoughtful, as you will see. 
Each one so creative and unique.

Here we go.
I'm just posting them in the order they are in my camera.

We didn't even know something like this existed.
I think of it as Siri for the home, except her name is Alexa.
She answers so many of our questions, 
plus she will play any song we request.

A picture of our Massachusetts Family!
Oh how thankful we are to have this gift.
McKenna, McKay
Grant, Scarlett, and Annie

Scarlett and Annie
The sistas (as Scarlett would say in her Boston accent)

This family took selfies of each of their children nearly every Sunday for the entire year! 
And then put it in book form for us. 
They also took several of other memories of this past year.
Oh, how special this is!!
I love going through it and watching how much the children have grown and changed 
in just one year, especially Juliet.

What a Christmas surprise these were! 

Came right to our door! Red roses are my favorite flower.

Den will enjoy these.

And I will enjoy the silence down the hall. :)

This was made just for us!
It's gorgeous and we love it!! Oh my.

I've always loved quilts, and Den's daughters have made 
many for us over the years.

The other side is so pretty too.
She designs many of her own fabrics 
so I'm trying to find out if she did for this also?

We are also loving this very plushhhhh blanket.
I've wrapped myself in it several times so far.

 The color goes perfect in our home.

We will without a doubt enjoy going to one of our favorite restaurants, Pismos! 
Fish is my favorite main dish 
and it has been since I was pregnant with Tyler. 
I ate it nearly everyday back in my last pregnancy days.
We didn't know about mercury back then but it didn't seem to hurt him at all.
(but no, this gift card is not from Tyler...I just got off on a tangent explaining how much I love fish :)

Oh this is going to be fun!
We will finally find out what Dennis is made of. 
I wish I had thought to give my Dad one of these. 
(My brother Richard found out he is 20% Spanish 
so I've been wondering ever since then how much 
Spanish my Dad has. I just never knew we had that in us, or the 45% Irish Richard is. 
We were always told we were predominately French.)

See what I mean about thoughtful creative gifts?!


Karen Mortensen said...

What great gifts. I want to do that DNA one.

Scrapally said...

Those are great gifts! They are all very thoughtful. I am anxious for me and my brother to do the DNA kits. Those weren't around when my parents were alive. I haven't purchased them yet though. Your dad can still do one can't he?

Anonymous said...

Awesome thoughtful gifts, indeed. Great selections, kids!