My favorite game

Have you ever heard of Box of Lies?

It's a game my kids introduced me to during our Christmas campout. I was surprised at how fun it
was. And I don't play games, just ask my kids. But I like the acting involved in this.

McKenna gathered up boxes all over the house and garage and then put different things in them. Then
while one person looks into the box and describes it, the other person has to decide if they are telling
the truth about what's in there.

We all played this and not one of us told the truth. It was too fun making things up.

I just hope we didn't confuse the grandchildren, watching and taking it all in.


Heather said…
That sounds so fun!!
Grandma Honey said…
Thank you for your comment Heather. It WAS lots of fun. And of course it could be done much simpler but you know how McKenna puts her whole heart into everything she does.
Anonymous said…
I have not heard of this game before. Very ingenious and fun for all ages. I sure enjoyed the video, hearing your son's voices was a special treat. They did very good with 'lying'!!! pjc