Thursday, October 20, 2016

We both forgot!

Sunday morning just before going to church I decided to check 
email real quick. I found this nice little one from my friend in Utah:

"Just wanted to wish you guys a happy anniversary!...I hope you 
enjoy your day 😍"

I'm sure I said out loud to myself, "What?? What's today? The 
16th?? What? I forgot??"

I looked around the house. No card propped up against a vase of 
flowers. Nothing. No signs of anyone having an anniversary. 

We both forgot?? Both of us?

Dennis had already been to church for nearly 2 hours. He probably 
remembered after he got there, and feels terrible right about now. 

So I get to church just before it begins and find Dennis saving a 
chair for me as usual. I keep trying to decide how to approach this. 

He turns to look at me and compliments me on my skirt. "It's new, 
isn't it?" I said no, I've had this a long time. 

He really doesn't know does he? 

So then I sit there staring at him and smiling. Trying to figure me 
out, he looks right into my eyes, and that's when I say to him, 
"Happy Anniversary." 

I take the church bulletin and point to the date at the top: "Oct 16, 
2016." He looks like he's going to be sick.

I feel sorry for him. For the panic look on his face. Remembering 
specials dates is HUGE to him. He prides himself on being a good 
husband. Good husbands, according to him in the past, never forget 
these things. 

So I say back to him, "It's okay! I forgot too! We don't even have 
calendars up in our house yet. We basically haven't known what 
day it's been since we moved in!" 

"Oh you forgot too?" 

"Yes! Yes I did. I love it. We forgot together." 

By now it's the opening song. We start to sing. He takes my hand 
and kisses it and tells me it's been the best 17 years of his life. 

Some of those imperfect moments of life are my favorite. 

17 years ago. Who are these people anyway?


Karen Mortensen said...

What a sweet story. Congratulations. Didn't know it has been this long.

grandmapeg said...

Happy anniversary to a cute couple!! I re bet those cute pictures!

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary, you two! Steve and I forget sometimes, too.

Anonymous said...

Lovely post. Glad your day presented an even more unique experience.
I have it on my 2017 calendar to send you a reminder message beginning a week earlier! Lol ; sorry my original message got lost in cyber space. pjc

Anonymous said...

p.s. from pjc: I love your photos. Beautiful couple. Sharp dressers, too. I noticed you are wearing the same colors now as then; the maroon looks great on you.

Scrapally said...

That is the sweetest story! I love it! I know all about that not knowing what date/day it is. I definitely need a calendar up! Happy anniversary! and Keep celebrating!