Saturday, October 31, 2015

My Halloween Page

The highlight of our Halloween has been our phones. It dings and I 
feel like running to see the pictures as they come in. 

But no running today, and no seeing anyone in person since I have 
a fever.

But I've got pictures and only another Grandma would understand 
how much they mean to me!

first ones in from Vancouver, Washington...

 McKenna is scheduled for a c-section on DEC 8TH!!! 
That is my mother's BIRTHDAY!
Scarlett's costume won first place at the church party!
Grant, McKay, and Scarlett

Next these came in from just a mile away....the twins in Clovis....
Téa is looking more like her mom everyday!

And then the phone dinged again from Vancouver....
but this time it was Tyler, Rich and Leo.....
It was pouring in Vancouver!

Karen said she will send me a picture of her, and her baby-bump 
tomorrow. :) Yay! I will be waiting for the ding!


Anonymous said...

I think it was flooding in Portland. Can't imagine trick or treating in the pouring rain. Has that EVER happened in So. California?
Are you ok?

Scrapally said...

Yes Grandmas love pictures! And these are adorable!! Elora is so grown kids didn't opt out until well into high school! Try as I might to get them to just have a party at home and I would provide all kinds of treats!!

grandmapeg said...

These are so cute! I'm glad my grandchildren all live close enough to come visit.