Saturday, October 17, 2015

Really, too much rain?

Just before we were heading out this morning Den was standing in the kitchen reading the paper. 
While looking at the front page, he said mostly to himself with a negative tone, 
"Wow, southern California sure got a lot of rain yesterday."

I said right back, "And they're probably complaining about it, right?" 
(thinking some people can never be happy...)

Turning the front page around so I could see the picture he was seeing, Den then said, 
"If this happened to you, wouldn't you complain?"

Sometimes life just can't get it right.
or....I need to step inside the frame before making a judgement.


Anonymous said...

Feast or famine!
Because we are preparing for flooding around here, we hope to get copious amounts of rain this winter. The plan is to trap and save huge amounts of rainwater and use it for irrigation. We are anxious to see if our plan works. Damian has been digging swales for an entire year in anticipation of hard, fast rains. (We need gutters along our roofline, and that's our next project.) It feels a little bit like Noah's ark.... preparing for something that is nowhere in sight! But, we're assured that it's coming.

Grandma Honey said...

Good to know you are assured it's coming. I will bank my faith on yours since you know much more about our environment than I do.

I love the prep your family is going through. Once again, your family is pulling together to make it work!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully it will come this winter. But, if not, it WILL come someday. And we plan to be ready.

Scrapally said...

That mudslide forced us to drive home the northern route. It is so hard to imagine all that mud! And the mudsliee on the grapevine almost prevented us from coming to Clovis from Disneyland! Thankfully they had it cleaned up by the time we came through. Truly feast or famine.

Karen Mortensen said...

Good post. We can't rush to judgment.