Friday, April 10, 2015

A sweet unforgettable day

I hope you will excuse this self centered post as I tell you about my birthday last week.

First I woke up to this from Washington:
(I love it when Richie asks me if I have any kids!

Thank you Karen, Tyler, Rich, and Leo!

Then we got to celebrate the life of this very unforgettable lady, Betty Freeman Clinton.
 I knew her from my childhood. I've known her son Terry since he was in the stroller.
And Terry's wife, Debbie, since she was only 4 years old. Lots of history.

My mom would bring us 4 girls, plus sometimes Grandma too, for hair cuts at Betty's salon. It was an
all day event. We would bring our lunch and often swim in her pool before returning home!

I remember Betty's kindness. I didn't like the way she chopped all my hair off (my Mom told her to)
….so one time she gave me a gold crown in to wear in my hair, and it did cheer me up.

I often wondered why my busy Mom would drive us 30 minutes from our house so Betty could cut our
hair. I learned later in life that everyone loved being around Betty.
She attracted people to her.

Here are some of my gifts…..and I even got a call from Italy!

Den took me to a wonderful halibut dinner at Yosemite Ranch which is now my favorite restaurant
(thanks to Krista and Paul for taking us there a few years back)

I took a picture of this part of the menu because I wanted to remember 
this variety of side salads….so I can duplicate them at home perhaps. 
(I had the Apple Bleu without the bleu)

When we returned home I saw this half gone cup of water….
and I knew little people had been there. This made me smile. 
Until I learned the next day that one of these little people was very sick.
He has since recovered, but poor baby was miserable for days.

McKenna texted and asked if we could Skype with them.
So we got on and we have no idea why, but Dennis appeared this way….

Seriously, we did not push any buttons.  

I thought Grant and Scarlett would like to see Grandpa like this but by the time they appeared,
Grandpa returned to normal. Fortunately for me.

Loved all the phone calls, texts, cards and messages.
I feel so blessed with so much love in my life.


Karen Mortensen said...

That video was cute. glad Jonas is better and that Den got back to normal.

Scrapally said...

Fun day! Looks like you are very loved! Happy Belated birthday! (Keep celebrating just for fun!)