Friday, June 27, 2014

August 1926

Recently I was at my cousin Ron and Yolanda's home 
when I saw this picture.  Immediately I was mesmerized by it. 
It's one I had never seen before so Yolanda sent me a copy!

Those are my Dad's 4 older siblings…taken August 1926, 
before my Dad and his brother Gene were born. 

So that is Irving, Ann, June and Leonie up front. 

I just keep studying this picture and wondering things like….Most 
people were poor back then, so how did they put their oldest son in 
a 3 piece suit? His dress shoes look worn so did he dress up like 
this often? I've heard that my Grandma (their mother) was a great 
seamstress so I wonder if she made those 3 darling dresses….

The curls Leonie has…..LOVE those curls and they are a rarity in 
this family. The children look very well mothered. My 
grandmother, the mother of these 4 beautiful children, (along with 
2 more that were born in 1927 and 1930), died less than 10 years 
after this photo was taken, at the age of 42. 

One of my granddaughters looks very much (to me) like Irving.

See baby Ann above? She married and had one daughter, Kristine. 
Her one daughter had 4 daughters, 
and now Kris has 16 grandchildren! 

Here is Kristine and her husband Ron, 
amongst their 16 grandchildren last Christmas!

I know there must be more old family pictures out there. 
I am forever hunting. 


Karen Mortensen said...

Love all of this Jill.

Richard said...

Wow! What a great post. I had never seen that picture either. Irving was sure handsome and Dad's sisters were beauties too! (Interesting side note, Wendy's niece Katie Muff just named her new daughter, Elsie June!) So happy for Kris and her family BIG family.

Yolanda said...

Love the photo of Ron and Kristine's grandchildren. What a beautiful family,

Scrapally said...

one of my most favorite things is OLD PICTURES! This one is a beauty! Hope you find more! They are treasures!!

Susan Anderson said...

You have a treasure trove of old family pics. I wish I had more of my family, but I am grateful for the ones I do have!