Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Nope, didn't happen

Let's just say the communication is not the best at this hospital...

After being told by at least 3 official looking people that "His surgery went well and he is in recovery."
it was the patient himself, my Dad, who informed me "while in recovery" 
that the surgery never happened!

Apparently minutes before his operation, my Dad's heart started doing crazy things like beating 300 beats per minute. So he was admitted and put on meds for that. The plan now is he will have his battery replacement surgery this Thursday. 

This third surgery plan will be the charm, right? That's what we are counting on. 

Meanwhile, Den and I went home today so he can work, but we will drive back there tomorrow. 
We don't want to miss the happy conclusion to this.


Karen Mortensen said...

Sorry about all that. Hope they are able to do it on Thursday.

grandmapeg said...

I'm sorry the surgery didn't happen today. Hopefully everything will go smoothly on Thursday. I wonder how those staff people felt after they realized your dad hadn't had the surgery and they had given you the report of a successful surgery?

Scrapally said...

oh my goodness! That is just crazy! You just can't believe anyone anymore...hope it all goes well and as planned the THIRD time...

Grandma Honey said...

I know, that's what I say, Crazy!
I think he was put in post op when they realized they couldn't do his surgery.....so the assumption was made since he was in post op the surgery must have gone well!

Mar~ said...

I'm sorry he wasn't able to have the surgery. I hope all goes well on Thursday.
I can't imagine why they didn't come out and tell you he didn't actually have surgery...and why! That's important information!

Anonymous said...

Prayers for his successful surgery tomorrow and a quick recovery!

Sue said...

Sorry he's having to go for a redo.

We will keep him in our prayers.