Monday, June 10, 2013

Our latest family gathering....

I knew this was going to be a good day when I saw my Dad and Susan both looking so healthy and happy.....
out of the hospital and on their way into church.

I thought I'd get there a little early to get a few pictures of family arriving. 
Carly and Enoch all the little Sears. 
(Little Zion, the one right and front, will always be Tennis Ball to me.)

Then after church and over to Robin and Dave's for Davey's farewell luncheon.

The soon to be missionaries, Davey, Austin, and Ty!

People people everywhere

People were spilling into the bedroom.

A great place for a picnic. Who would have thought.
Next time I have lots of people over I'll set some up in the hallway.

So good to have Hailey and Elora together even if it was just for less than 24 hours. 
Aunt Karen drove quite a distance too.

Erin's watermelon was a huge hit....

Especially Jonas would agree

 So fun to see these 2 cute sisters of Davey's together, Brooke and Lauren.

Not sure why Dave Swinney is in the middle of Jake and Katie, but ok....

Brock and Miss Violet

Cami decided she likes McKenzie's room the best.

Brett and Whitney lovin on Mara.

Chickie really is that animated. Especially when she is with Hailey.

Davey's has an award winning family.....

But I like the one right in the middle...."My Life is Based on a True Story."

I was standing by the girls eating and they asked, 
"Did you want to eat at the standing table with us?"
I said, sure, but then they pointed to a sign that said RESERVED.

I walked away saying, "Well I know where I'm not wanted!"

I was just kidding of course but Hailey and Elora thought they had hurt my feelings 
so they changed the reserved sign, making room for me if I wanted them to sign my name to it.

See, Grandma Honey could have been on the reserve list. 
Isn't that so sweet! But I had too many pictures to take.

Den and I were one of the first to leave the party, being we are old and all....

But when Wendy and Richard got back to our house, 
Wendy said this is how Davey ended the afternoon.

Thankfully someone grabbed their camera.


Robin said...

Thanks... so happy to have it captured so well. It was a lovely day.

Karen Mortensen said...

Thanks for all these pictures. It was sure a fun day. The food was great and it was good seeing everyone.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these photos!! Special praise that your Dad and Susan were able to attend. What an absolutely beautiful loving family gathering. Everything looks so perfect that if I did not know better, I'd think this was a movie set full of famous people. You are all super famous to me. I love how you all dress appropriatly for church, too.
Many blessing, pjc in MI

Richard said...

Fun event. Great post. So glad we could be there...!

grandmapeg said...

Loved seeing all of the pictures of your big family! These kind of family occasions remind me of when we did it. Now we are into the "grandkids leaving on missions" family gatherings! So fun!

Sue said...

Happy, happy days!