Wednesday, September 5, 2012

This is how both sides cope

This is exactly what a Mom of 7 
should be doing when she goes to Hawaii
I've talked to Amy and Logan everyday 
and they are really enjoying themselves. 
Yesterday they went on a tour that took 14 hours 
(8 of those hours in travel) 
which did not sound very fun to me but they loved it. 
And today they went snorkeling. But I'm happy for them!

Our temple in Oahu

So last night I showed the twins their family video from last year. 
We watched it over and over again.
I'm slouchy but notice how the twins are taking it all in. They love their family!

Every time we watch it, Jonas gets all excited and says, 
"There's all my friends!" Then he points them out one by one,  
"There's my friend Mommy, and my friend Daddy..."
Have you ever seen teenagers dance like this with their parents?

Tonight as I was making dinner Dennis came in and asked, "Do you know if it's going to rain today?"
I said, "I don't know. I haven't seen a weather report in a few days."
To which he said, "See how mixed up our lives are? We don't know what the weather is. We haven't even had time to read the obituaries." 

Would anyone know how to get ink off of wood? 
I tried Windex so far but it didn't do anything. Any other ideas?


Karen Mortensen said...

That is so sweet that Jonas calls his family his friends.
Looks like Logan and Amy are having fun. Wish I was there.
Try the magic eraser for the floor.

Anonymous said...

Logan is absolutely hilarious in this video! Had to watch it twice!

pebble said...

I'd try a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser first. If that doesn't work then Ink like that might come off with WD-40. Spray on and let set, then wipe off. Might cause an oily spot for a while but probably not forever. You could also try GO-Jo or Orange Cleaner, the automotive hand cleaners-they seem to work really well on inks and paints.

Scrapally said...

so glad they are having a good time! I lived there when I was a kid, wish i could go back and visit the temple there. I use hair spray to get ink out of clothes...don't know if it will work on wood. :) Good luck and keep having Grandma fun!

cristie said...

such a good grandma! xox

the Rich girl said...

Amy and Logan look like they are having a blast!

And I would say nail polish remover on the wood to remove the ink, but that will probably remove the finish on the wood, too.

Oh, I was just re-watching the videos that you put up of our Oregon trip. I'm so glad you got such good photos of all of us together. And you got some awesome pictures of Rich and Grant! I can't wait till we can all get together again.

Sue said...

Love that video. And I love that Mom and Dad are getting to spend some time together, just the two of them.


grandmapeg said...

That is so nice that Logan and Amy can have a getaway and they really look like they are enjoying themselves. Tea and Jonas look like they are totally enjoying time at Grandma's and Grandpa's. You will certainly need a rest after this week, unless you have more energy than me, but I know you enjoy having the twins there.

Lisa said...

Nice post! Very FAMILY HAPPY!!! I have an almond stick you can try that will RESTORE the color if you try to get it off & it takes the stain off! : ) GOOD LUCK.

Ammy said...

Magic eraser will work

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