Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lunch at Dad and Susan's new home

I won't show you their actually apartment yet, since they are still in the process of unpacking....

But here is our little lunch together yesterday afternoon.

Dad arrived from their apartment down the hall in his motorized chair.

The tables are always ready.

Look what was on the menu for today.

Start out with our choice of salad: green, jello, cottage cheese, fruit, or today's special of lentil salad.

I chose the lentil salad and it was so so good that I'm trying to recreate it at home. 
It had celery, onions, raisins, red peppers, a few assorted beans and it tasted like a vinaigrette dressing.

I don't usually eat steak and potatoes, but this was delicious!

There are many activities offered here at Yosemite Gardens.
One such is called, "Romeos"
 It stands for: "Retired Old Men Eat Out Sometimes"
I guess once a month the men who want to, get on a bus and go out to dinner together.

And who should we run into as we were leaving?
Our friend Jill Thompson!
Her mother lives here, and she was picking her up for a Dr appt.
Jill said she lived with her Mom at this place for 2 months after her Mom broke her ankle,
and  "It was like living on a dang cruise ship!"
Jill said she would love to see my SIL Wendy Rozier and Joan Rivers do a comedy routine together.
I told her even better than that would be HER and Wendy. They don't need Joan Rivers.

One of the residents (sorry about his head) we saw was out walking his dog Peatree. 
As soon as Dad and Susan get a little more settled,
Brock and Erin will bring back their little Blacky to live with them. 
They have been making sure Blacky has been fed and loved and cared for
all these many weeks 
Dad has been in the hospital!


Karen Mortensen said...

What a wonderful place. I am glad your dad and Susan were able to move in. Do they have other apartments available? LOL I mean if it is like a cruise ship, I am there.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fancy hotel judging from the dining room and meal! Do they know long will he remain in this place?

Grandma Honey said...

Darlene, this is their home now, for as long as they wish to stay. And yes, it is like a fancy hotel. I love it there. Everyone is so happy and friendly, and the other residents I have talked to about it, only have wonderful things to say.

nrozier said...

What a beautiful place! Everything looks so nice and homey. The thought of having all of my meals prepared for me and never having to wash any dishes is heavenly. I also love that pets are allowed.

Sue said...

What a wonderful situation for them! A great place to heal and also be social and enjoy good food.


Anonymous said...

For as long as they wish to stay...does that mean they plan to sell their home and live here? It looks gorgeous, very up-to-date and inspirational for maintaining good health. Bless their hearts, to be so fortunate.... they certainly deserve this. Don't you wish all our elders could be this well taken care of if the need arose?

grandmapeg said...

This looks a lot like the one that Craig's aunt lived in here in Utah. She loved it! The food looks great! Does your dad just need to let them know a few hours in advance that they will have company joining them for a meal?

Scrapally said...

I knew that was yosemite gardens by your second picture. I have always thought (since they built it) that I would like to work there. Maybe drive the little bus that takes them places. wouldn't that be a fun job? I think it's a wonderful place and i am glad they take pets too! I think they are in good hands there and still close enough to visit and enjoy a good meal with. Thanks for sharing!

Grandma Honey said...

Darlene~ They already sold their home a few years back and they were living in an apartment. So this is sort of like just like changing apartments. Except when they walk out their front door now, it's a wonderful world of friendly faces, activities and good food. That's how I see it anyway.

Whitney Jay said...

This is remarkably similar to the sorority house I live in. Everyone has their own apartment, people put activities together and meals are provided! I think it's great, the only difference is that Friday nights around here might be a little louder.

Richard said...

Like home? Do they just stock slim fast and diet dr pepper in the fridge there, too?