Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Sad time for so many

I have known John Barrus for 22 years.
I believe he was a major influence for good in my sons' lives, especially as teenagers.
He and Anna Leesa have been present at all their weddings and receptions.

I remember many of the talks he gave at stake conference, or earlier when he was our Bishop.
I can hear him saying, "The only real safety in this world is in keeping the commandments." 

One particular talk he gave, several years ago, he spoke about how this woman
woke up one morning and probably thought it would be just like any other day...
But she had a heart attack and died that afternoon.
He urged us all to take a look at our lives and ask ourselves if we are ready to meet our Savior.

His life is about giving and serving.
Whenever I would ask him to help with something through the years,
his answer was always the same, "I'd be happy to."

John and his grandson Jacob, at McKay and McKenna's reception 2 years ago.

Below is a very short clip of John around 1993-94 in our backyard.
(Please note: The music was chosen by my sons back in that day...
not sure it feels appropriate for today but I don't know how to remove it.) 
 John is the one with the green shorts and white T-shirt.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Barrus family.


Karen Mortensen said...

He was a nice man. What happened?

Fisher Family Fun said...

Do you know when his funeral is?

Grandma Honey said...

He had a heart attack on the 18th and is still in a coma. You can read his story on Just type in Johnbarrus.

Carol McLaughlin said...

Thanks for posting the picture and video - shows John's smile and sense of humor.

Ammy said...

My John shared a sense of humor with him. He was always so kind to John and I. He always gave us a big hug when he saw us! He was such a great example to John and I. What a great man!

Ammy said...

Oh...and what a cool video for you to have..I saw 3 of my favorite, John Barrus, and DeeDee Pauline!

Scrapally said...

It has been a sad, sad week. I have hardly been able to think of anything else. what a wonderful example of Christ-like love he has always been. I am so honored to know him and to have served in the stake for 5 years so I could go to all the conferences and hear all his uplifting talks. And he never forgets anyone's name...that has always amazed me. They are an incredible family and he will be forever missed. Our thoughts and prayers continue for them. thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Grandma Honey said...

Sorry, I need to correct the link in my comment above. It's and then in the search it needs to read:
johnbarrus (all small letters)

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry. Prayers going their way.