Sunday, January 8, 2012

Snow has hit Utah...finally

Of course from California, we just look at the pictures in awe.

Emily, Robbie, and Matt

Must be nice to have a park so close to their home. I wonder if they call them Snow Parks?
Amazing to think Karen, Tyler, and baby Rich are now living in Logan also.
Our kids are practically neighbors.
How cool is that!

Meanwhile, back in Provo.
Baby cousin Grant prefers to keep his legs like this:

McKenna says she will push his legs back down,
and he just puts them right back up there again.
By the time this is over, he's going to have stellar abs!


cristie said...

your little guys are absolutely adorable!

sorry about the water problems...just glad it's all cleaned up and fixed. xox

Eileen said...

Oh, as beautiful as those snow photos look (and the children really seem to be enjoying it too!), I'm hoping there is very little snow this Winter in NYC!!

Your family is beautiful and the photo of Grant is so cute! He must be very strong!

'Hope you're feeling better, Jill!
Love and Prayers,

Karen Mortensen said...

Those snow pictures look adorable. However, I am glad I just get to look at the pictures too.
Grant is adorable. That is funny that he keeps his legs up like that.

Dad and Susan said...

What great pictures. It's always fun to see the grandkids. Love, Dad and Susan

Sue said...

Grant is such a cutie and seems to be adjusting to his brace pretty well now.

It is totally warm here today, like summer.

Do I like it? No! We actually need some rain!!


Grandma Honey said...

No Sue, I don't like it. The sun is great, but the air is horrible. We need a good wind or rain storm. Everything is so stagnant. said...

He is SO cute...what a doll. How do his braces work?

Valerie said...

It's crazy how little snow we've had out here in Utah this winter. I love all these photos of your family as I've gone through you last several posts.

Lisa said...

That last line made me laugh & the pics are ADORABLE!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Beautiful pictures of your darlings in the snow. This picture of Grant is too funny. I guess it must be comfortable to him at least let's hope so.
Hope your doing well