Thursday, January 12, 2012

A few more of my FAVORITE Christmas Gifts

Family Photos!

Brock, Erin, Elora, Campbell, and Violet

Logan, Amy, Austin, Kylie, Chandler, Laurynn, Macie, Jonas, Téa

McKay, McKenna, and Grant

Karen, Tyler and Richie

What changes in just one year's time!


Richard said...

What beautiful families! Mom is smiling down on the whole crew.

Eileen said...

Such wonderful gifts! No wonder they are favorites!
I think I'm going to ask our kids to this for us.
Erik & Lori always give us one of those picture calendars with the grandkids throughout the months and that is one of our favorites. But this would be so nice to have and update each year too.
Another blogger I visit has a big family reunion each Christmas and they have a professional photographer come and take a big group photo, I think that's a great idea too!

Beautiful family, Jill.
God Bless you all!
Love and Prayers,

Karen Mortensen said...

Love the pictures. You have such a wonderful family.

Dad and Susan said...

Wow! What gorgeous pictures! So good of everyone. We love them. We also love the people in the pictures!!! Love, Dad and Susan

Mar~ said...

Really great photos! What thoughtful gifts! It is amazing to see the growth in your family over this past year. All of the grandkids are darling! I really want to reach through the photo though and give Rich a big squeeze!

Anonymous said...

LOVE them!!!

Rebecca said...

cute cute pictures! You have a very good looking family!

Sue said...

Those are the best gifts of all!


Fisher Family Fun said...

I never realized how much your sons all look alike! No one could ever not mistake them for brothers!!

I love how many grandkids you have and how many are still to come!!

grandmapeg said...

Family photos are the best!!! I was going to comment a couple of days ago when I noticed the updated picture of Brock's family but I forgot. Now it is nice to see all of your boys' families updated on your side bar. I'm sure they are your favorite Christmas gifts!!

Lisa said...

When I see this, I think you are in HEAVEN here on Earth! TRULY.

Holly Decker said...

you have the most beautiful family! :)